What do you do after an exhausting day? Wouldn’t you like to lounge in a large, extra soft massage-enabled recliner? Simmons has the right recliner for you. Luxury items are hardly viewed as investments. Not until you buy one do you find out what you’ve been missing on.

Sometimes, we do not have the time to go to the spa to get pampered or money to afford a good masseuse. That’s where a recliner comes in handy. Just laying back on one and rocking in it gently after a long day can be deeply soothing. Better yet, there are those that come with massage features. It is a once in a lifetime investment.

A good recliner is the key to unwinding after a long day. Here’s some of the best Simmons recliners on the market: 

Best Simmons Recliners


Comfort Material

Upholstery Quality

Star Rating


Simmons Upholstery U558-19 Victor Amber Rocker Recliner

Chaise padded/ Plush Chenille


Simmons Upholstery Miracle Pearl Bonded Rocker Recliner

Bonded Leather


Simmons Upholstery U709-195 Jaguar Cuddler Recliner

Chaise Padded


Simmons Upholstery Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner

Chaise Padded/ Distressed Bomber Jacket PU Cover


Simmons Upholstery Aegean Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner

Performance Fabric/Chenille Covered


What To Consider When Buying a Simmons Recliner

Leather is considered the epitome of luxury. Having leather furniture injects an aura of class and fine living into a room. There are different grades of real leather. The highest quality is full grain leather. Top grain leather is the second best grade despite its often misleading name, while genuine leather is the lowest quality of real leather.

The best thing about full grain leather is that it gets better with age. That means your furniture will look richer in color and texture as the years pass. The downside is the care that it needs. Have leather gel at hand and prepare to polish it once in a while. Clean it without detergent, keep it away from direct sunlight, and seal the surface with a leather protector soon after buying it. Top grain leather, while not as beautiful as full grain leather, is cheaper, looks almost as good, but will not last as long. It is made without the topmost layer of animal hide. It is still markedly more expensive than the lowest quality leather.

Followed by genuine leather. A term that many customers mistake to mean full grain leather. Some recliners are marketed as having been made from ‘genuine’ leather. It is popularly used in relatively low-priced leather shoes and belts and flakes fast. Its texture is also markedly different, and the appearance is poorer than top and full grain leather because split hide is its main component.

Bonded leather/Blended Leather is another popular material, made by mixing leather dust with vinyl. It is cheaper than any of the real leather but less durable. It also tends to peel, scratch and crack fast.

Uncommon Materials

Chenille has a soft fuzzy feel and looks equally plush. It can be vacuumed safely using the brush attachment, unlike leather. Water can, however, ruin the woven fabric with time. Wipe it down with a gentle detergent or dry cleaning solvent. Tough stains may require you to seek professional cleaning services.

Synthetic microfiber feels rougher than chenille. Think suede. It is, however, moisture proof, unlike the latter. The pores on the surface allow air to circulate in and out properly, which is a great plus. Buying microfiber recliners, therefore, has the advantage of being durable and inexpensive. They, however, have the disadvantage of trapping lots of hair and dust.

Wool, velvet, corduroy, denim and linen are also available. Wool lasts long and is more resistant that the other four fabrics.

Fabric has the advantage of variety and feel over leather. You can choose from so many different patterns and colors of fabric as compared to leather. Fabric also looks warmer in a room than leather does. They, however, are susceptible to stains and odors more than leather is. Leather can also feel uncomfortable against sweaty skin and scratch easily, leaving ugly marks. Despite that, it remains a classic choice.


A frame made out of steel is stronger than hardwood for obvious reasons. If you’re on the heavier side, consider a recliner with a steel frame and rocker base, so it doesn’t cave. You want a recliner that will last you at least ten years.

Hardwood frames that work almost as well as steel are those made out of maple or oak. Stay away from laminated plywood, press wood, birch or poplar if you can afford more expensive wood.

Suspension/Spring System

Sinuous springs are the most common. They are two-dimensional, S-shaped and run from the front to the back of the frame in a zigzag pattern. They could break easily, and you'll find them mostly in low-priced furniture.

8-way hand tied springs are a type of coil spring and are the most expensive and the most durable option. Each spring is suspended by twine tied at eight different points and rests on steel webbing at the bottom. Springs stay anchored tightly for years. There are, unfortunately, many fake 8-way hand tied springs. If you can’t tell, buy from trusted stores and brands like Simmons.


All foam cushions are very popular. Foam ranges from a density of 0.9 to 2.5 with softer and firmer versions for all ratings. Any density rating above two should be comfortable and last a long time. Anything below that wears out fast.

Spring-down cushions are among the softest cushions made from down, which are super soft fine feathers from the underbellies of geese. The cores of such springs are all spring and give extra suspension and comfort. There should be down-proof ticking in the cushions that prevent the feathers inside from poking through. They are more expensive because of their quality, the extra comfort they offer and the fact that they do not wrinkle.

Down plush is one of the most luxurious types of cushion with foam cores. They take on the shape of the body that lies/leans on them. Ultra-down is even more luxurious than down plush with high-density polyurethane cores and a soft rather than firm feel.

The foam inside the cushions will all wear out with time and need re-upholstering.

Back and seat cushions are usually constructed differently, with the former being softer. Our backs bear most of our weight and therefore need more pampering and massaging. Where there’s a soft seat cushion, then the back cushion must be even softer, so the positioning of your body is not interfered with

Rocker Recliner vs Glider Recliner

Rocker recliners move over an arch and have several angles. They are operated using a hand lever. Glider recliners move back and forth in a straight line. Make sure to check and test that the size of the lever is just right so your hands don’t get stuck.


In this case, it is safe to assume that the bigger the chair, the better. However, in the case of massage chairs, you should find a chair that your body fits into perfectly, so you enjoy the massaging motion fully.

Other Factors

Check whether your feet touch the floor when the recliner is upright, and make sure the footrest moves smoothly. If you can, look at the bottom of the recliner. Look out for loose frames and listen for any squeakiness that suggests a weak frame/poor assembly. The screws used should be heavy duty and fit in tightly.

Benefits of Having a Simmons Recliner

Simmons is one of the companies that manufactures very high-quality recliners that fit all budgets. The benefits of having a recliner from a household name go beyond the guaranteed relaxation and high product quality. You can get warranties that last a long time; sometimes even for life. Nothing beats that.

Take a look at some of the best recliners from Simmons:

Product Reviews: Best Simmons Recliners Reviews

Simmons Upholstery U558-19 Victor Amber Rocker Recliner


  • The back is removable so you can lighten the load when moving the recliner from one point to another.
  • This recliner has an enclosed bearing mechanism which allows users to recline with complete ease.
  • Has added support and strength from the rocker steel base and complete hand assembled steel mechanism.


  • It has a fully padded body, and an overstuffed arm pad cushions your arms as you recline and rock.

Material and Upholstery

  • It has a heavy fabric exterior made out of chenille which is tough enough to last long. It will also not tear easily.
  • The cushioning on the back and seat makes the recliner appear and feel tremendously warm and welcoming. Furthermore, the recliner has a catcher mitt back and chaise padding.

Build Quality

  • The build is sturdy, seeing as the chaise is assembled by hand and stands on a steel frame and steel rocker base. Translation – you get an extra strong recliner. Also part of the frame is high-quality hardwood for extra support.


  • The chair is heavily padded and has a nice plush pillow on the back that allows you to rest with ease
  • Available in deep blue, brown and burgundy
  • Excellent lower back support


  • The one problem with this recliner is that the footrest will stay up unless you manually push it back down with your foot.

Simmons Miracle Pearl Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner

This is a handle activated recliner with a removable back for easy lifting while moving. There are hundreds of independently supported springs to support your back, thanks to BeautyRest Pocketed Coil technology by Simmons integrated into the structure. The seat stays firm while making you feel like you’re lying on a cloud.


  • Those with preference for a strong material that provides firmness in support will be comforted with a solid structure. Further, those who enjoy the fluff and softness will be happy with the cushion that makes you ease into the chair. If both those features sound appealing to you then this recliner will be able to fulfill your needs.
  • The cushions tend to be tougher and firmer on the sides; however, they still are extremely comfortable. Traditionally, recliners that are firmer try position the spine perfectly and although some are able to provide adequate support, most do not need the appropriate standard for comfort. We were pleased that this recliner was able to meet our standards and had excellent shape.

Rocking & Reclining

  • Almost everybody enjoys rocking in their recliner as it provides additional comfort while reclining. Well, this recliner gives you one of the best rocking experiences because of the soothing feeling you experience. Furthermore, you will not have to deal with any rough motions and any squeaking, this can be attributed to the build and finish of the recliner.


  • Consists of a beautiful bonded leather cover. Recommend slipcovers for homes with children and pets.


  • It has a hardwood frame. The seat has high-density foam that is guaranteed to last a long time.
  • Sinuous wire springs support the frame and high-density foam back cushions provide extra lumbar support.


  • The combination of the massaging mechanism and its slow yet gentle rocking and reclining makes this an awesome recliner to come home to after a busy day at the office.


  • Improvements could be made in regards to motion

Simmons Upholstery U709-195 Jaguar Mocha Cuddler Recliner

The Deep Mocha color of this recliner reminds you of a particularly good and aromatic cup of coffee.


  • It has a removable back and a fully padded chaise.
  • The cockpit styling forms a sort of cocoon that cuddles your body for a womblike support.


  • This recliner was designed for comfort sleeping.
  • Posh padding in the arms, back and seat of this recliner allow you to ease into the seat. Comfort is further enhanced with the polyester fabric upholstery, which is extremely soft.
  • However, it is important that buyers are aware that this recliner is more expensive than other chairs in its range. This is because of the high quality build of this recliner. A piece of furniture that is made of premium springs, steel box (100%) and premium materials. Customers should know that this differs from other recliners that are made of less materials, such as plywood.

Rocker Recliner

  • It lacks a rocking feature but makes up for this by the extensive system of sinuous wire springs underneath the seat that give extra support and optimum comfort as you recline.


  • High end comfort
  • Excellent build for the price range it is in
  • Premium materials
  • Designed to take pressure off of your joints (aging persons recliner)


  • More suitable for short or average height people

Simmons Upholstery Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner


  • Convenient hand lever that you pull for the seat to recline.
  • The Sinuous wire spring system in the cushions makes sure the frame remains sturdy, and the occupant is permanently comfortable. 
  • Easy material to maintain, simply wipe the rocker recliner down with a damp cloth and it will continue to look like it is new for years to come.


  • The overstuffed back, seat and arm rests ensures plenty of comfort. The thick foam padding won’t easily break down or disintegrate over time. It is capable of comfortably supporting your back while you are seated, and since the head rest is also padded you can easily recline for a nap.

Rocker Recliner

  • When the chair is in the upright position it can function as a glider, and since it is designed to be nearly silent it is perfect for rocking fussy babies to sleep. When you are ready to recline simply pull the lever and the attached footrest will extend as the chair lies back like a bed. To ensure plenty of support and comfort the footrest is also padded.


  • The dark brown leather upholstery and oversize design make this rocker recliner a great fit for your family room or in a den.


  • The padded footrest ensures for plenty of lower back and leg support when it is fully reclined
  • Allows for comfortable rocking and sleeping
  • Provides plush cushioning to reduce restlessness when reclining or sleeping


  • One problem you might have while using this chair is that after snapping back from your reclined position, it is a little hard to fold the leg rest back into the tucked in position.

Simmons Upholstery Aegean Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner Chocolate


  • First of all, this is a large chair. The height of the backrest from where it joins the seat to the top is 21 inches. It also measures 21” between armrests. That is long enough to accommodate a 6-foot tall person
  • Removable Back
  • Chenille fabric cover with a soft velvety feel
  • Handle activated recliner
  • Hardwood and steel frame which allows for up to 300 pounds accomodation


  • Simmons uses a bulky but fashionable design for the recliner that makes for a fine piece of furniture for any living or family room today. This recliners design is united through a great plush microfiber, which Simmons includes in a wide selection of their chairs. Lastly, the recliner is padded heavily to make for a great comfort chair. For maximum comfort, Simmons designed this recliner for soothing rocking that outdoes most loveseats.


  • This is a great recliner for leisure rooms or for watching TV. They come with extra padding and high-density foam seat cushions for prolonged sitting, especially to cuddle up with kids.


  • The heat and the massage features are in the back only. There are three vibration levels and two heat settings. The vibrating massage motion sends soft pleasurable pulses throughout your body when activated. It has two sitting positions – regular and recline. You cannot shift between them unless you release the handle.


  • Simmons includes an exclusive selection design that complements modern living rooms, as well as any home décor.


  • Microfiber tends to have problems with static. After spending a considerable amount on this chair enjoying a massage, you might experience slight shock when your clothes come into contact with something else. However, that is fixable with static spray.


These five recliners represent at least one of each category of recliners available from Simmons. Remember to consider the build quality, the frame and the size when selecting a recliner. Just like with any worthwhile monetary investments, it’s a gamble, but the benefits are often even bigger. Shop for other great Simmons recliners: the Verona, Manhattan, Conroe, Cordova, Harbortown and Griffin, with easy assembly instructions! As well as other great brands: recliners by Lane and recliners by Barcalounger!

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