The best recliner for elderly people should provide ample support and comfort to the entire body. Of course, our first instinct when there are senior citizens at home is prioritizing quality. I live with senior citizens at home and it’s a must to have one that prevents falling and injuries, especially while sleeping

Elderly folks enjoy the comfy seating and options that recliners provide. Electric recliners are especially popular because they require seniors to use less power and consequently allowing for increased mobility, high quality safety sleeping and convenient button remotes.

While I originally thought recliners were a waste of money, I saw the advantages of having a great one for elderly parents and grandparents. Mine actually became the centerpiece of our home’s living room. It looked great, comforted the backs of anyone who wanted to rest on it, and was sturdy enough to survive curious children poking at stuff. It also turned out that this was a hit amongst the elderly — not just my grandparents but also old people in our community who happened to drop by for a visit. Take a look at some of the best recliners for elderly folks below!

Top 10 Recliners for the Elderly




Star Rating


Med Lift

5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair (Designed for Sleeping)

Cabo Havanna Fabric


Power Home Theatre Recliner, USB Port, Tray, Blanche Chocolate

Premium Faux Leather


Power Lift Recliner Classic and Traditional 1 Seat Sofa Lift with Padded Arms and Back

Bonded Leather

Divano Roma Furniture

Classic Plush Bonded Power Lift Recliner 

Bonded Leather


Massage Recliner Chair Heated Ergonomic Lounger

PU Leather

Coaster Home Furnishings

600398 Power Lift Recliner

Chenille Fabric


Soother Woodland Power Lift Full Lay Out Chaise Recliner with Heat and Massage


Mega Motion

Wayne 3-Position Power Lift Recliner



Contemporary Recliner Sofa Chair

Faux Suede

Dorel Living

Living Slim Recliner


Do Your Homework First

It may be cliché, but expect the unexpected. If it’s your first time buying one, you should first research the brands that will fit your budget. This gives you an overview of all your options — price, brand, durability, and satisfaction rating among buyers. Just like buying a house, you must do your research and be prepared to look at factors such as: furnishings, selection, factors for disabled peoples, seating material variety & mobility issues. This can be overwhelming, that is why we researched the best lift recliners, power recliners and several seniors’ chairs for you! 

With proper research, you can get a solid power, lift or riser recliner with incredible features and comfort to boot. Select one that doesn’t give you unrealistic promises (such as curing back pain for good) and features. Think about your elderly folks back home and ask them for their opinion before proceeding with anything. But one thing is for sure: Your recliner will be heavily used and abused, especially when it’s difficult to sleep in bed.

Aside from research, consider the elderly’s feelings, too. Think of how comfy and happy they’ll be once they warm the seat. Will their back be pleased with the fabric used or the material padding on their back? The cost may be great, but at least it’s the right call when striking a balance between cost-efficiency and quality. Try to balance them both so you can say whatever you bought is top dollar.

Take note of these features when buying a recliner for the elderly:

Sturdy Frame

This is your first priority in choosing a power, lift or riser recliner. It must be tough enough to withstand a person’s weight while providing comfort, safety, and security at the same time. Without a fortified backbone, the recliner can easily break and cause injury. Therefore, its design should incorporate a hardwood or metallic frame. Langria Contemporary Recliner has a frame made of high quality wood and metal (which is difficult to break) and detachable armrests that can be removed with ease to make cleaning extremely easy.

A recliner that has foundation problems can make it difficult to use, for fear that the entire recliner won’t be able to take the weight. Check out its framing first before anything else so you can assess your next move. If it’s durable enough, go for it. If it’s not, move on to the next brand and do the same.

Comfortable Armrest

Deploying the leg rest means a lot to the elderly because it transforms the recliner into a solo bed. The armrest plays an important role in reclining: It supports the upper body and makes it parallel to the resting position. It can also have a cup and remote holder attached to it, adding versatility and uniqueness to its entire function. Take advantage of these added features whenever possible — reclining with their favorite cup of tea makes the experience even more comfortable and enjoyable for the elderly in their modern armchairs.

The same principle of the sturdy frame applies here. It should totally accommodate the weight of the person resting on it. Armrests should also be wide to fit all body types. Dorel Living’s Slim Recliner is definitely worth considering because of its padding and width.

It’s great to have a thick one when watching television, especially for our elderly folks, because the armrest can also serve as a makeshift table for food and drinks. Though this isn’t what the manufacturer probably had in mind, it’s still good to have something do double duty and stressless.

Back and Foot Support

Reclining is serious business for the elderly because it is one way of releasing stress and easing pain. If you want to sleep, you can do so after the footrest is elevated and the bed adjusted backwards. Back support is not just the fabric but also the technology behind it, how it operates, and the maximum possible angle for supporting the feet and back of the user.

The elderly can try the Langria or Dorel mentioned above. Both pose premium features that can be enjoyed. The Langria Recliner also threw in a nob that provides a 2 reclining position that allows the lever to be pulled out. This gives you more ways of modifying how the recliner works. For the Slim Recliner, you have an automatic way of lowering yourself further until deemed comfortable.

It is a must for a recliner to provide the necessary relaxation — by being easy to use when you want to kick back, relax, and unwind. The best recliner for elderly users should incorporate this because seniors tire easily. My elderly folks at home just want to sleep after performing tasks all day long, and I am confident of my recliner’s ability to pamper them.

Swiveling Base

If the manufacturer made one with a swiveling base, make sure the material used is resilient and tough. Durability is important because the weight of the entire recliner is pressed upon the bottom, which is in a state of motion most of the time. The swaying motion makes it susceptible to stress because it’s not always in the same position.

I believe that the best recliner for elderly folks is one that can sustain fluid motion and stay in place. The swivel should be capable of doing both because the added motion provides ambiance.


A flimsy manual recliner mechanism can be problematic. This mechanism is a spring that relieves tension, an actuator that focuses on reducing stress experienced whenever the recliner is folding. It should be made of heavy-duty stamped steel. Stamping, or metalworking, involves compressing a flat sheet of metal to transform it into either blanks or coils.

The stamped steel should be rigid enough and must have passed stringent standards with flying colors. Otherwise, the recliner may not be able to keep a steady position. This could be due to the excessive load carried by the spring. It must be rigid enough because seniors may want to sit high or low, sometimes alternating between both.

Upholstery and Padding

You should also give considerable consideration to the upholstery of the recliner. The padding should not split easily because the horizontal fabric can push out and cause the person sitting on it to slip or fall — not to mention become the breeding ground of germs and bacteria that will only spell harm to the senior citizen’s frail health.

So, make it a habit to check if the upholstery of the recliner is installed well. I did my check by putting my fingers in-between the padding, especially at the topmost edge of the seat and back support. I did this because I wanted to see if prodding my fingers inside it would cause sudden movements.

Fortunately for me — as well as my dad and mom — it did not budge at all. This meant the recliner was built right, and that it could be used by anyone for extended periods of time. My children could sit in my dad’s lap and be told stories without me worrying that the upholstery and padding would give way, given their combined weight.

Every Cent Counts

Choose the right recliner for you by getting one that fits your budget nicely. It would be difficult to force yourself with a recliner that feels off, yet tempting to buy because it is affordable. You are spending good money on relaxation and comfort for the elderly, so you might as well get the best armchair that your money can afford.

Allocate extra money, too, if you can — since you are going to invest in one for your elderly folks at home, make sure you are prepared to spend a little more.

You can also select a recliner that has a long history of satisfaction, but packs more price and reputation amongst people in love with the concept of a recliner. Check out user reviews online so you can narrow down your options before heading to the store to get a feel of it in person. Most importantly, remember that an excellent recliner for the elderly allows them to do more and makes them feel more independent, especially if they have certain physical handicaps that limit mobility.

Can a Recliner For Knee Problems Help Ease Pain?

Knee problems can make prolonged standing or sitting unbearable. However, it isn’t advisable to stay in bed for a long time either. There is no one size fits all cure for the aches down there. But, a recliner for knee problems can help.

Benefits of Using a Recliner

Sitting on a recliner can help relieve lower back pain. If the chair is fully reclined, resting on it can ease joint aches and muscle pains. This furniture is also beneficial for those who can hardly sleep on beds. These advantages make a reclining chair ideal for elderly people who are the most prone to knee problems.

However, it is important to note that the furniture must only be used for a few minutes to a couple of hours. Even if it’s too painful to get moving, anyone with knee problems should get up from the chair, do some exercise or finish some work.

Types of Recliners

Based on their functions, recliners are classified into: two-position, rocker, riser and push-up. The first three types usually have built-in foot rest. This is the feature that is beneficial to those with knee problems. Of the four types though, the two-position tends to be the most affordable and hence, the most popular.

Reclining chairs may also be categorized into battery-operated and electric-powered. Between the two, the electric-powered model tends to be more advantageous because it doesn’t require recharging or replacing of batteries.

Recliners from different brands have varying designs, features and accessories. For people with knee problems, those with simple designs, user-friendly features and minimal accessories are better because their maintenance requirements are more manageable.

Best Recliner for People with Knee Problems

Divano Romano Furniture’s Power Recliner is one of best deals on the market. This reclining chair’s main selling point is its simple yet sleek aesthetics. Its cushions are covered with bonded leather and it comes in either black or brown color. The controls of this electric-powered reclining chair are easily accessible on the right side of the chair. It operates quietly for better relaxation. This is a two-position recliner which means that the user can either sit upright or recline in it. Another good thing about this furniture is its built-in foot rest that automatically rises in case the user opts to recline. The Power Recliner offers nothing but comfort to users, especially those with knee problems.

Recliner for Arthritis

Arthritis is a term commonly used to refer to any joint pain or joint disease. It is the inflammation of a joint which has varied causes such as injury, metabolic abnormalities, hereditary factors, infections, and autoimmunity.

Young and old, men and women, may all be affected by this ailment. The focus of treatment for arthritis is to control pain, minimize and prevent further joint damage, and improve or at least maintain quality of life for patients. There are medications which target a specific type of arthritis. Surgery is also performed to save terminal cases of damage. Non-pharmacological therapies may also be done, alongside with the essential practices of making time for maintaining a healthy weight and appropriate physical activity.

One practical daily aid to people is the use of recliner for arthritis.

Recliners may provide relief by controlling pressure. These ensure that the body weight is evenly distributed across the chair, minimizing pressure on the affected joints. These also offer flexibility for the user and can be adjusted to a more comfortable position, especially if the patient needs to stay sat down for a long time due to his or her condition. Good posture and body support are maintained.

Best Recliner for People with Arthritis

Mega Motion Infinite Position Power Easy Comfort Lift Chair is a great recliner for arthritis. This offers a three position (closed, partial recline, and full recline), all electric powered (integrated with battery emergency backup) lift and recline mechanism. The chair is easily adjustable to the user’s preference and convenience – whether watching television, sleeping, or simply relaxing.

It features padded roll arms, padded seat, a button tufted back, for optimum comfort. This is also equipped with a furniture grade hardwood/plywood construction with heavy-duty steel lift, which can accommodate users weighing up to 325 pounds. It comes with 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and a lifetime lift mechanism warranty. The price also includes a free delivery.

There are many recliners available online and in stores but the Mega Motion Infinite Position Power Easy Comfort Lift Chair is definitely the best way to start experiencing daily relief from symptoms of arthritis. Anyone, even with or without arthritis, can avail now and take advantages of this recliner for arthritis unit for a less stressful life.

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