For a long time, the recliner has been considered “dad's” chair. As such, walking into any living room across the country, the recliner has been viewed as the throne for all dads.

However, that is all fast changing. Recliners are becoming everyone's favorite chair and it is common to find a variety of recliners, including kids' recliners, in a typical family living room. A change in their perception and diversity in their design has enabled recliners to meet the needs of a wider group of people, especially kids.

Recliners come in handy as they provide a personalized piece of furniture for kids. In addition, kids find comfort and enjoyment in using their own piece of furniture for several different activities. Thus, instead of running around the house and causing trouble, parents can use a recliner as an incentive for the kids to settle down and enjoy reading, napping, playing video games or any other activity that brings peace and quiet!

Best Pick for Your Kids!

We know that it can be difficult to decide on which recliner to choose. There are a lot of things to consider. Which brand? Should I get one with cup holders? What design? What do other customers say about the recliner? These can be difficult questions to answer, so, we have done it for you. Below are the top 8 recliners for your kids, check them out!




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Black Leather With Cup Holder

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Contemporary Black Kids Recliner with Cup Holder


Toy Patterned Single Seater

Kidz World

Toy Truck Felix Kids Navy Recliner with Cup Holder


Comfy Chair for Kidz

Kidz World

Disney's Minnie Mouse Cuddly Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

Polyester Fiber

Mini chair for kids

Flash Furniture

Contemporary Camouflaged Kids Recliner with Cup Holder


Modern Recliner with Cup Holder

Flash Furniture

Contemporary Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest


Cup Holding Seater

Flash Furniture

BT-7950 Kids Recliner with Cup Holder


Cheetah Print with Ottoman


Roundy Leopard Kids Chair with Ottoman

Faux Fur

Elsa Frozen Recliner

Kidz World

Disney Frozen Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

Micro-Suede Fabric

Lets Get Started!

Although recliners provide kids with their own comfort chair, the benefits of purchasing a recliner for your kids can only be accrued when and if the recliner in question is right for them. These factors will help you identify great recliner qualities from poor ones. Fortunately for our readers, we have done the research and gathered the best recliners at an affordable price. Use these elements to guide you through the purchasing process in order to ensure that your child has the perfect recliner.

Recliner Design Considerations

Over recent years there has been an increase in the variety of recliner designs. Companies have realized that when parents are looking to buy a recliner for their kids, they are looking for sturdy, easily cleanable and fun patterns that impress children. This now leaves parents in a position to choose from a wide selection of designs. This can be confusing and boring when you are going through the buying process. We have broken down the best recliner designs available to meet the concerns that parents have in regards to safety and durability, while providing designs that are fun, unique and eye capturing for kids. The selection of designs that parent can choose from include:

Recliner Styles

#1. Rocker Recliners – The rocker recliner is among the most popular recliner design in the market. Also known as wall-savers, they provide a wide range of reclining positions and angles, which means that they are better in the use of space. As such, they can be placed and used in areas with limited spaces.

#2. Two-Position Recliners - The two-position recliner provides a reclining experience with high safety levels. Such recliners only have two positions; the upright position and the reclined position. With this in mind, you can rest assured your kids will not be in harm's way from reclining too much. Additionally, this design offers an inexpensive option.

#3. Push-Back Recliners – The push-back offers the ultimate in terms of luxury and comfort among all the recliners. They are usually designed to offer a smooth reclining experience without the use of excessive force. As such, they offer kids with a hassle-free user experience.

#4. Power Recliners – Powered recliners offer impeccable user experience. Unlike the other recliners, this design features an electric mechanism for reclining or extending, at a touch of a button. In this regard, the recliner is great for kids who have not yet developed full muscle strength to manually extend and recline the seat.

#5. Lift Chair – Lift chairs that are optimized for kid's use are also a good choice. They come with a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the chair forwards and backward. As a result, this design is perfect for kids who are not quite tall enough to raise themselves from reclining chairs unassisted. The chair provides the lift mechanism to rise up from the chair and kids can use this recliner from a young age and as they continue to grow.

Top Kids Recliner for Kids

Build Quality

It is extremely crucial for parents buying recliners for their kids to consider build quality, yet most do not. While the recliner finish and features play an important aesthetic role, it is the frame of the recliner that determines its user safety features as well as the longevity and overall quality as a piece of furniture. As such, parents should be concerned about more than just the aesthetics of the recliner. The following two features are the most important when looking at a recliner for your kids.

Focus on Frame!

  • #1. The Frame Of The Recliner
  • Experts state that the most common recliner bit to break down is the frame. Even though many people expect the moving parts to be susceptible to breaking down and the frame to be stable, this is not always the case, therefore it is important to consider the overall structure of the frame. 

    Therefore, parents should take concerted measures to ensure that the frame of the recliner they intend to purchase have all the markings of a well-built frame. You should ask to see the underside of the recliner if possible; fortunately, we have examined the frame of several recliners and provide you with the best options. Furthermore, if you want, you can ask for cutaways of the prospective recliners from the manufacturer or the vendor.

    It is critical that the material used to construct the frame, and the fixtures used to connect the various bits of the recliner be of the upmost quality. Opt for recliners that provide a frame made of a sturdy material while the fasteners should be heavy-duty screws; this is especially important in mini recliners.

    Focus on Fit!

  • #2. The Fit Of The Recliner
  • Unlike regular chairs, the size and fit of recliners is especially important when discussing comfort. You do not want to purchase a recliner that lacks in comfort because kids do not adjust well. If the recliner is uncomfortable then you will be left with a piece of furniture that will never be used. Recliners that provide soft, leather and cushy seats and armrests are the most popular kids’ recliners. They allow children to sit in them for long periods of time, without feeling numbness in their legs and discomfort in their backs.

    In conclusion, every prospective recliner we have suggested is built to adjust for different sized kids and provide a comfort reclining experience. One brand of recliners that are especially helpful when it comes to the fit are the kid’s vinyl recliner. They provide varying fits and come in unique styles such as the Mickey Mouse and Frozen movie themes!

The Finishing Of The Recliner

Since the intended users of the recliner are children, the quality of finish should focus on designs that grasp their attention and make them want to show off their recliner. This is because kids are easily impressed by theatrics, be it in their books, their clothes or their furniture. Hence, it is important to ensure that the quality of finish is as brilliant as possible. The colors should suit the theme of the room and the reclining features should easily impress kids.

theater batman recliner
pull out recliner for kids

We have ensured that the safety features of all the recliners are met, as a result, you can allow your child to choose the reclining design they want and you will be happy knowing that all safety features are fulfilled with your new piece of furniture. Most of all, it is important to keep in mind that these recliners are not meant to be used for medical purposes, help children deal with pains or any other medical issue that your kids are having. If you are searching for these answers, please consult your family doctor. The recliners we provide are representations of true innovation design and are meant to allow kids to have an enjoyable reclining experience.

Ease Of Cleaning

Since kids' recliners are meant for kids use, it is important that the cleaning requirements of the recliner are discussed. You can be sure that at some point in time, your child will step on the recliner with dirty shoes, drop food on it, or even worse, color or paint the recliner.

With this in mind, you should look for a recliner that is designed for ease of cleaning in mind. The upholstery that goes on the recliner should be oil, dust, and water. Additionally, the overall design of the recliner should enable you to dust the recliner or wipe it without difficulty.

We all know kids can be a handful, but the purchase of a recliner can ease the stress of a parent and provide the child with a pleasant experience. The comfort, safety and design of a recliner determine how much you will be satisfied with your recliner and simultaneously provide your child with best recliner possible.

Avoid My Mistakes When Buying Toddler Recliner Chairs

My experience when buying a toddler recliner chair did not go as well as it could of. I don't regret it at all, but I do wish I'd done a little more research before I had gone through and hit the buy button. Live and learn, I suppose, which is also the motto for parenting all together.

In any case, here's hoping that you won't make my mistakes by looking at the following factors before buying your toddler recliner chair!

#1) Is it machine washable? My toddler got chocolate smashed into the chair by the end of the first day. I've since gotten covers for it, but it would have been better if the chair had been able to be washed in the first place.

#2) The next thing you should consider is the movable parts. While my toddler loves his chair, it no longer reclines because we almost had a little accident. Long story short, my wife and I made it so the chair no longer reclines for safety purposes. It would have been a good idea to check the reclining mechanism, and make sure that all the moving parts were toddler safe.

Ultimately, my toddler's mini chair is still in great shape, and the little bugger sits in it all the time. However, if I had taken the above factors into consideration when I began to shop then it would have been the perfect buying experience.

Comfy Kids Camo Recliner Design - & Unique Disney, Minnie Mouse & Frozen Patterns!

The preference in design and pattern in a kid’s recliner is dependent on the child, and every child is different. Therefore, we have compiled a list that has unique designs and several recliners that come in various colors.

During the research phase we determined that the camouflage design in particular was tremendously popular among kids. The design has unique presentation that is adored for its style and color scheme. The camo pattern is looked at as a lot of fun, with Earth tones that easily match any other colors you might choose for the rest of the decor. If you want to pick a chair that you know your kids are really going to love, it's hard to go wrong here.

Not to be out done, Disney Minnie Mouse and Frozen designs connect with kids due to their popular movies. The movie themed recliners are the some of the most loved designs as they cover the entirety of the recliner. The designs provide kids with a fun, light and connectable design they recognize and are excited about. The movie themed designs excel in popularity as kids use their recliners to watch their favorite movies.

Recliners are renowned for their wonderfully welcoming qualities. These are chairs that you never want to leave once you plop down in them! The same is true even for the most energetic of children.

kids leather recliner

Purchasing a Children's Recliner with Cup Holder

One of the common features that adults and kids enjoy about recliners is the cup holder. In order to ensure that you are getting your full money’s worth; the recliner you decide upon should definitely have a cup holder. The cup holder is especially important when it comes to a kid’s recliner because it allows them to have a permanent place to put their drink. This will ensure that spills and accidents are far and few between.

Furthermore, providing your kids with a great piece of personalized furniture improves their comfort and confidence, which plays a mighty role in their overall development. In this regard, whether they use the seat to read, play video games, or just hang out other family members, they are most certainly in their comfort zone, and thus extremely comfortable.

Although cup holders are common in recliners that have the self-extending mechanism, it is important to note that they are less common in recliners with ottomans.

With that in mind, how should one choose a reclining seat for their kid? Better yet what should one look for in the reclining seat met for their child?

  • #1. A sturdy construction that features ample safety features
  • #2. Plush features and design
  • #3. Durability
  • #4. Convenient cup holders

From the recliners we analyzed, the Kidz World recliners provide excellent cup holders, they are big enough to hold many cup sizes and still have more than enough arm rest room. The Kidz World recliners come with unique patterns, but if you are looking for the something more contemporary then the Flash Furniture recliners will be able to fill that need.

Thinking About Buying a Kids Leather Recliner?

Not too long ago, my ten year old tells me he wants a leather recliner. This seems ridiculous to me, since what's a kid going to do with a leather recliner? But then I thought a little more about it, and I realized that as a birthday gift, it would be a great present and addition to the house. My kid absolutely loves playing with video games and toys, the addition of the recliner would increase his playing experience.

I like playing video games too, so this would give us the ability to sit next to each other and play. Having a pair of personalized leather recliners would provide both of us and the house with a modern aesthetic.

I found that you could get a wide selection of nice children's sized recliners for not a lot of money. A quick Google search found an average price of around $100, which really isn't bad for a high quality leather piece of furniture.

I purchased the recliner and I could not be happier. It provides my home with a contemporary look, is comfortable and adored by my child and it was all for a low price. Consequently, I noticed how my child feels apart of the conversation more. Having his own chair in the living room provides him with a go to place to sit, and show off when his friends are over!

amazing recliner for kids
kidz playing on recliner

What to Consider While a Buying Kids Recliner with Ottoman

Want to buy a new kid's chair with an ottoman? Well, here are four things to consider before making the purchase.

    There are many things to look at, but the main one involves how their bedroom is laid out.

    Does it have specific colors (i.e. blue, pink, red, green, yellow etc.)? Does it have certain patterns?

    As a result of considering the theme, you will be able to keep the structure of the room more or less the same. 

  • 3) Foot Comfort
  • It should be comfortable for your child to put their feet up on. If the finish of the ottoman is not presentable and relaxing then it does not serve its purpose. A child’s recliner has to suit their bodies and work well as they grow older.

  • 4) Durability
  • Kids are going to be rough at the best of times with a recliner, so it should be able to withstand a beating. If not, you might have to take it in for repairs all the time, and that is not worth it.

    Taking these factors into consideration will guarantee that your child loves the overall package of having a recliner with an ottoman.


In conclusion, the process of purchasing a recliner for kids can be difficult as you want to make sure that your purchase includes the appropriate safety features, cup holder, fabric and mix between contemporary and theater feeling to it. The research and recliners we have recommended are presented to make your buying experience stressless and because of this you will be able to choose the perfect piece of furniture.

Although we have gone through the features, we cannot stress enough how important they are, so we will re-cap them again. First, the recliner you purchase must have a strong foundation and must be upholstered properly. It must also be a product that fits the theme of the room that you put it in. You do not want to purchase recliners that look out of place or they will disrupt the theme of the room. Next, read the reviews for the recliners, you do not want to have a stiff recliner and other customers will let you know of any issues. You are buying this recliner so your child can kick back and relax, not get restless because it is built like an ancient piece of furniture.

Finally, you must remember that this is a kid’s recliner, although amazing recliner brands such as LaneSimmons or Catnapper provide top quality recliners, they are not built for children. Whether your child uses the recliner to relax, watch TV or play with their toys, the recliners and features that we analyzed will allow you to pick the best recliner for all activities. By following the guide we have provided you will be able to pick a comfortable and top quality recliner for your kids. Happy shopping!