Certain factors are absolutely necessary when discussing the perfect recliner chair. Customers expect premium craftsmanship, complete comfort, and an aesthetically appealing chair. Human Touch has perfected these 3 components in 2 of their best recliners. The Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-420" and the Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-610" are prime examples of luxury recliner chairs. Both recliners are carefully crafted with top quality materials and provide an abundance of luxury features in their functionality.

Each Human Touch Perfect Chair review will outline an analysis of the recliners features, provide an in-depth summary review, and discuss our 3 favorite benefits. Through this review guide, we will bring our readers a clear understanding of everything that makes these two recliner chairs great. By the end of our analysis, we hope that readers have more knowledge on each recliner chair and are closer to making an informed buying decision.

Human Touch Perfect Chair 420

Human Touch Perfect Chair 610

Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-420"


  • High-Density Adjustable Lumbar Support – Containing an elite release valve that allows you to personalize your seating comfort
  • Premium Headrest – Accompanied with a full-support high-quality head pillow.
  • Zero Gravity Weightlessness – Neutral posture position is achieved by using one’s own body weight to ease into a complete state of weightlessness.  
  • Solid Hand Stained and Carved Wood Base – Produced with 100% complete parawood base
  • Reclining Lever – Smooth manual recline facilities the Perfect Chair to immerse your body into complete comfort
  • Extendable Armrests – As you recline into your neutral position and weightlessness the Human Touch Perfect Chair will feature armrests that extend to match your body position
  • Glide Rails & Steel Body Frame – Smooth motion rails and the high-tensile steel strength body frame protects the Human Touch Perfect Chair from discoloration and rust
  • Integrated Surface Glides and Sculpted Aluminum Brushed Leg Accents – Premium quality brushed leg accents create sleek and luxurious aesthetic appeal
  • Custom Options

    Human Touch provides the customer with full customization options for their recliners. Users can choose between top-grain leather and premium leather, as well as 11 different color options. Customers can also choose between a walnut finish, chestnut finish, and dark walnut finish. Lastly, Human Touch provides additional upgrades and options of Jade Heat and Memory Foam PLUS.


    The Human Touch Perfect Chair is naturally beautiful, balanced and graceful. The PC-420 features a manual recline that is designed to put the body into zero gravity weightlessness. Human Touch also included an extended head pillow to increase neck and upper back support. Furthermore, the recliner relieves weight pressure from the spine by raising the legs above the heart. Paired with ergonomic posture support, customers will experience the comfort of the Human Touch Perfect Chair from all angles.

    Great lumbar support is an absolute necessity when it comes to premium luxury recliners. The Human Touch Perfect Chair took it one step further by adding an adjustable lumbar support system. The release valve gives customers complete control over the positioning of their lumbar support. Combined with the customized Jade Heating and Memory Foam Plus, users can relieve pains, aches, and tensions in their back. Ultimately, the Human Touch Perfect Chair gives customers complete control over their support system while maintaining world-class luxurious aesthetics.

    Our 3 Favorite Benefits

    1) One of the best benefits of the Human Touch Perfect Chair is that it aids spinal health. When the chair reclines and obtains neutral posture there is a massive reduction in the amount of irritations your muscles feel.

    2) Rejuvenation and relaxation of the spine are more amazing benefits. This happens as the recliner chair reaches zero gravity weightlessness and decompresses the vertebrae. In turn, the spine is rejuvenated as the amount of pressure is significantly reduced.

    3) The third benefit of using the Human Touch Perfect Chair 420 is that it improves blood oxygen levels, improves circulation, and expands lung capacity creating relaxed and deeper breathing.

    Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-610"


    • Independent Back and Leg Adjustment – The Human Touch Perfect Chair revolutionized zero gravity comfort and seating through independent functioning.  Customers now have the ability to independently position leg elevation and recliner angles with dual motor power.
    • 5 Way Controller – Human Touch included an advanced 5-way control system. Through the Omni-control system, users can find infinite positions for complete comfort.
    • Safety Battery Feature – During the event of a power outage, the Human Touch Perfect Chair will restore the recliner to its original upright position.
    • Power Recline – Unlike the Human Touch Perfect Chair 420, the PC-610 operates with an easy touch remote that allows intimate position and comfort control.
    • 400 lbs. Weight Capacity – The PC-610 has an increased weight capacity that allows large customers to utilize its zero gravity features.
    • Same Features as the Human Touch Perfect Chair 420
      • Head Support Pillow – Provides ergonomic head and neck support
      • Release Valve – Allows for adjustable lumbar support and seating customization
      • Extended Armrests – Long and wide armrests give continuous support

    Custom Options

    Similar to its sister chair, the PC-610 provides customers with custom options for top-grain or premium leather. As well as 3 wood finishes, Jade Heating, and Memory Foam Plus to enhance health benefits and overall comfort.


    The Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-610” is an advanced version of the beloved PC-420. It contains many of the same features that the PC-420 has such as head support pillow, release valves, and extended armrests. However, it boasts an impressive power recline feature that allows customers to immerse themselves into zero gravity weightlessness with an easy touch remote. As an advanced piece of furniture, customers demand luxurious quality and technological advances in their products when they shop.

    The recliner chair has an increased weight capacity of 400 lbs. and battery safety feature that activates when the recliner recognizes that an outage has occurred. Furthermore, Human Touch included independent functioning backrests and leg rests for customers. The Perfect Chair “PC-610” allows customers to personalize and select their reclining angles and leg elevation as the dual motor operates the back and legs separately. Finally, our favorite feature is the Omni-5-Way-Controller that provides users with infinite angles and positions until they find the most comforting and supportive spots.

    Video Benefit Summary

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to luxury recliner chairs, the Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-420” and “PC-610” are the most premium products. They represent the pinnacle of luxury products with their quality, construction, and comfort. Through this guide, we aimed to create an understanding of the different features and quality that luxury recliners provide. Each of these products is manufactured and produced with the best materials available and are built to last for years to come. We hope that we were able to provide an in-depth understanding of what both these recliner chairs bring to the table. Happy shopping to all our readers!

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