Buyers Guide: The Best Catnapper Recliners

Whether you’re someone who just likes taking naps on a recliner or someone who lives such a busy lifestyle so that’s all they can do, finding the best recliner to suit your current daily needs is key. We understand that sometimes those who work graveyard shifts may just plop on the recliner as soon as they get home, and you should be able to do so with confidence and guaranteed comfortability. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of buying Catnapper recliners, factors you should consider before purchasing a Catnapper recliner, and even reviews on ones we found great for said lifestyle.

Benefits of Buying a Catnapper Recliner

Do you live the lifestyle of a graveyard shift ER nurse or doctor? If so, you may want to invest in a Catnapper recliner. Finding the best Catnapper recliners will ensure that you'll be able to comfortably sleep where you want in your home while you're waiting to go back to work. Those who work split shifts often may find solace in taking a catnap in something that they won't become so comfortable in; they won't want to get up. A great catnapping recliner is perfect for those who want to sleep comfortably without being manipulated by their bed into staying. Take a look at some of the best Catnapper recliners below:



Star Rating


Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner


Jenson Power Life Lay Flat Recliner


Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner


Recliner Deluxe Magnum heat and Massage Rocker Recliner


Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner


Another advantage of a Catnapper recliner is that those with edema or blood circulation issues may find a better night’s sleep in a recliner than their own bed. If you can’t afford a medical bed of sorts, you may want to invest in a recliner that will allow you to put your feet up and get the blood flowing. Do you have hip issues that don’t allow you to get in and out of a bed properly? If so, you may want to invest in a Catnapper recliner to ensure that you don’t harm your bones any further. Medical beds are entirely too expensive, and not all insurance companies approve them. If you invest in an inexpensive recliner, you’re going to be able to afford to be comfortable once again.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Catnapper Recliner

Before you make the big jump (if we’ve already persuaded you), there are a few things you should know before jumping in and purchasing. If you’re someone that has a small living area and cannot extend the entirety of a recliner, you may have to look at the precise measurements to ensure that it will fit accordingly. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need to measure the area in your living room or bedroom that you’ll be placing said recliner in. Are you going to be hitting any other pieces of furniture or items when you extend the recliner? Are you going to be hitting a wall when you recline? The aforementioned are must-see scenarios when taking measurements to ensure that you’re not wasting your money. If you aren’t able to recline, what’s the point in buying a recliner? You might as well catnap on your couch or your bed.

The Best Catnapper Recliner Reviews

Catnapper Peyton Polyester Power Recliner, Wall Hugger

Coming in a variety of colors, features of the aforementioned Catnapper in Peyton Polyester include the following:

  • Suede fabric upholstery, Embossed
  • Tall back for optimal comfort
  • Comfor-Gel memory foam
  • Various colors offered

The Breakdown of the Features

Boasting dimensions that included 42-inches in width, 43-inches in diameter, and 44-inches in height, these dimensions are going to allow those who are tall to fit comfortably and with ease. Those who want to sleep in a cloud or enjoy their television comfortably can do so with the fluffy suede fabric upholstery and the Comfor-Gel memory foam inserts. Coming in red, green, and dark brown, you’re able to include this within the aesthetic of your home.

The Advantages of the Product

Our favorite advantage is the ability to insert Comfor-Gel memory foam inserts for optimal comfort. Beyond this, the tall back and the comfort soil seating system allows your comfortability without spending an arm and a leg.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The only disadvantage we may see is that those who don’t have the room to recline in this will ultimately have to find a smaller model. While not a disadvantage to the performance of the product, it’s something worth thinking about.

Catnapper Jenson Power Lift Lay Flat Recliner

If you want to lay flat in a recliner that doesn't have an odd texture, check out this next Catnapper recliner in Jenson “burgundy” color. Features of the aforementioned include the following:

  • Weight capacity of 400lbs.
  • Lay flat recliner
  • Comfort coil seating
  • Electric motors

The Breakdown of the Features

Featuring electric motors for optimal ease of use and an ability to lay flat in this recliner, you’re going to be able to bask in the glory of a comfortable leather Catnapper recliner without worrying about an odd suede texture. Featuring comfort coil seating, you don’t have to worry about the coil puncturing the material and pushing into your back; (unfortunately this happens with older models).

The Advantages of the Product

One of the primary advantages of this recliner isn’t that it lays flat – in fact, the weight capacity of 400lbs. is one of the more suitable advantages. Because of the comfortability one can receive from sleeping in a recliner, those who are at a higher weight can enjoy with ease and be able to fit comfortably.

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you don’t like the temperature of leather (typically cold or warm depending on the outside temperature or air conditioning/heating), you may want to find something that’s of a suede material. Although, a blanket on a Catnapper is a dream and shouldn’t deter you from purchasing!

Catnapper Coud 12 Power Chaise Recliner

Interested in sleeping on Cloud 9? Look no further, as this recliner can do better. The Cloud 12 power chaise recliner from Catnapper is available in the color “camel” and has quite a few features including the following:

  • Available in other colors, too
  • Chaise power recliner
  • Full layout functioning available
  • No warping or splitting
  • Superior support
  • Steel base for resistance to wear

The Breakdown of the Features

If you’re curious to know about the stability of a recliner that is capable of laying out flat, you'll love to know that there is a steel base for the resistance to wear. You'll also be happy to know that there is no warping or splitting when it comes to this steel seat box (under the comfortable material of course). The aforementioned is also available in sage and chocolate on top of camel.

The Advantages of the Product

There is no splitting or warping when you use this chair over time, and it’s 100% steel in the seat box for the best support possible. Beyond this, you’re going to be able to lay out fully and not worry about being at an awkward angle. Another advantage is that this is perfect for those who are taller and bigger, and many of those who are over 6 feet in height have had more than enough room to recline and put up their feet without dangling over.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages, as the above mentioned is comfortable and attractive in appearance; however, those who are shorter and don’t like long recliners may want to look for a different model, although this typically isn’t an issue.

Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner

A luxurious recliner is next on our list, supplying a plethora of attractive features. Those who want something comfortable and feature a few hidden luxuries will find solace in these specifications; some of which include:

  • Magazine pocket
  • Sensate massage and heating capabilities
  • Chaise rocker recliner
  • X-tra comfort ottoman

The Breakdown of the Features

If you want to store your magazines or sit and read while you get a sensate massage, you’re going to love this deluxe magnum heat and massage rocker recliner. With a manual lever for reclining, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting a button and having a motorized decline instead of recline. With a massage capability on top of a heating mechanism, you can enjoy your favorite shows in peace, or sit and enjoy the silence.

The Advantages of the Product

We think it’s safe to say that the most beneficial features of this recliner is the fact that it comes with massage and heating capabilities for optimal comfort and use.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Obviously we feel that the only disadvantages with this chair lie within personal preference; but if you’re someone who doesn’t like manual recliners, the aforementioned may outshine the other luxurious; although, we feel that the massaging and heating capabilities make this recliner reign supreme.

Catnapper Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider

The next recliner on this list is one that features a type of swivel glider for those who want to go side to side, as well as back. Features of the aforementioned include:

  • Solid hardwoods used
  • Swivel and recliner
  • Glider for rocking of sorts
  • Manual recline

The Breakdown of the Features

Featuring impeccable hardwoods during the creation and the construction of this swivel glider recliner chair, those that use won’t have to worry about longevity being a problem. If you want to feel as if you’re being hugged by a teddy bear, you’re going to be able to do so in this reclining and swiveling cloud. Are you someone that likes to move your legs and tap your feet as you sit? The incorporation of gliding and swiveling may ease your mind (and your legs) quite a bit as you use said recliner.

The Advantages of the Product

The design of the recline of this swivel glider recliner ensures that those who have blood floor problems will help get the improved circulation that they need. If you love the movement of a swivel and gliding recliner, you’ll love the Teddy Bear, especially with how much the material encloses you into the chair – like a hug from a teddy bear! Another advantage of this chair is that you’ll be able to glide or rock of some sort – unlike many we’ve mentioned on this list. Being able to comfortable move about in your chair ensures that you’re not limited to just one position.

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you want something that has a button for reclining or motorized, you won’t find it here, as this swivel glider recliner is manual and features a bar to pull up and recline. 


All the Catnapper recliners are great choices for your home, but there can only be one winner. And our favorite chair is the Catnapper Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner. It’s full lay out function, resistance to wear and bending and plush extra comfortable material makes for an amazing reclining experience. As well, customers get the added bonus of free shipping directly to their homes, adding to this great piece of furniture!

Catnapper has consistently put out great products and has very little complaints from their customers. From their power lift, riser, rockers, sofa set or regular recliners, the quality of product in our reviews has been great. As a customer that is what you want, to shop and know that the overall image and review of the company is in good standing.

In conclusion, the Catnapper recliner reviews above provide you with the best Catnapper recliners on the market. Furthermore, customers can now analyze the important factors such as: the frame, upholstery, reclining, prices and deals. Recliners make a great addition to sofa sectional sets, collections or any living room, and Catnapper is one of the best brands available.