It is the end of yet another long day at work, and you cannot wait to get home, kick off your shoes and get out of that suit. The only thought on your mind as you drive home is a glass of wine for the heart and some good music for your soul. Oh, and the seat? Nothing but the best swivel recliner ever made. It’s going to be a relaxed evening.

The Best Will Serve You Longer

Naturally, you could be tempted to go for a cheaper brand as opposed to the high-end recliners. Well, it is all a matter of personal choice, but the best decision would be to invest in a durable piece of furniture. Sturdy construction of the frame will serve you better and save you repair costs.

If your recliner runs on a series of motors, you will need to keep them well maintained so that their operation remains smooth throughout your recliner’s life. To find the perfect chair, we organized the best swivel glider recliner list with great deals, wide selection, leather options, brand upholstered quality and the best reviews. Happy shopping!




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Recliner Genius

Leather Massage Recliner Swivel Chair

Bonded Leather

Baby Relax

Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner



Blake Brown Fabric Glider Recliner Club Chair

Suede Fabric


Massage Recliner Ergonomic Lounge



Harmony Swivel Glider Carlton Desert

Premium Fabric

Best Swivel Recliners Reviews

360 Degree Swivel Leather Massage Recliner

Although the manufacturer is not clear on what material they have used for the frame, the overall construction of this recliner is sturdy. It has comfortable armrests thanks to enough cushioning. Reviewers have praised its durability.

  • Material

It swivels 360 degrees, in a smooth, deliberate process. The bonded leather is soft, thanks to the underlying layer of polyurethane foam. It is available in both brown and black, colors that are fitting with the décor of most homes. Leather is easy to clean too, and so this recliner would work for parents and pet owners alike.

  • Massaging

This recliner has 8 settings for massage, which range from mild to pretty intense. The vibrations from massage points distribute evenly throughout the chair, and the keypad for selecting your settings are all within reach.

  • Features

It reclines a 20-30 degrees angle, but to does not lay flat. The footrest is cushioned and extends when you pull the lever on the right side. It also has 3 pockets for your essentials; a large one on the right side and two small ones in the front.

The chair has a heating system, which works when you connect it to power.

Overall, this recliner has great features, and it is well priced. The only misgiving is that you cannot turn on the heat without setting the vibrations off.

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

This elegant microfiber recliner chair measures 37 x 30 x 41.8 inches. It also rocks and glides, which makes it appeal to nursing mothers. If it worries you, you will be happy to know that microfiber cleans easily.

The manufacturer has it in an array of colors so that buyers get one to suit their décor. The armrests are not the thickest, but they are comfortable nonetheless. The top part where you lay your head is quite broad and comfortable enough if you fell asleep while rocking the baby.

  • Rocks and Swivels

It is designed to rotate at 360 degrees in smooth operation. On the right side of the chair is a button for activating rocking and gliding better than footstools.

The spring core foam filled seat is comfortable and even ideal for CS mothers. The footrest pops when you recline the back, and it too is cushioned to give as much comfort to the legs as possible.

Users like the comfortable yet firm foam on the seat and back, and one of the best prices. 

The only downside to this recliner is the armrest and it could be wider.

Blake Brown Fabric Glider Recliner Club Chair

The frame of this sturdy recliner is hardwood, and the fabric is a welcome relief from the norm: chocolate brown suede. It measures 22.5" X 21.75" and hence quite roomy Bello.

This recliner’s armrests are broad and comfortable for people of all sizes. It is stuffed with foam underneath for comfort on the seat, armrest, back, and the footrest.

  • Reclining Ability

The springs are designed in such a way that tour recline is based on your weight. It will recline all the way down but rise steadily if your weight is unable to keep it down. Over time, the springs ease up a bit to keep it slightly lower. The footrest is manually operated.

  • Rocker

The chair is a rocker too. Naturally, you will use your weight for this, as this chair is all springs and no electric buttons.

Because most of its operations are manual, you will need little or no maintenance for this recliner.

Some of its best features include color, comfortable yet firm cushioning, manually operated recline, easy assembly, and the price.

The only downside we see is the force it takes to bring the footrest down.

Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge

Although this chair costs a little more than the others, it also has features that they may lack. It is made of wood and leather, with thick foam cushioning to make it firm yet comfortable. It has three pockets; one on the side, and two at the front. The smooth swivel system takes it to a 360-degree turn, with the back reclined all the way back if you so wish.

The armrests could be thicker, but they are quite comfortable from the foam in there. On each side of the armrest is a cup-holder. This recliner is heated all the way from the top to the footrest, which pops up when the back reclines. Back cushion is adjustable to accommodate a person of over 6’5 height.

The Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge is a gentle rocker and a massage chair too with 8 optimal settings. This chair’s most desirable qualities are the material and construction, its massage and rocking capabilities, the fact that you can incline it all the way to the back, and the washable material. Its price is the only downside, but this rocker is worth every penny.

Pulaski Harmony Swivel Glider Carlton Desert

The Pulaski Swivel Glider Recliner is the perfect contemporary piece of furniture for living rooms or nurseries. It is has drop-in pocketed coils that prevent sagging, which gives consumers confidence that it will last longer compared to other products. Furthermore, it has a soft padded back, seat and arms, and this is especially important for glider recliners because of the frequent usage in nurseries.

Glider recliners usually tend to have older frames; however, the Pulaski Swivel Glider has modern frame features, such as sleek arms and excellent details compared to recliners today. As well, it provides a cradle like upholstery that will comfort you. This is due to its small scale and 360 swivel base and delicate reclining mechanism.

Consumers will not have to shop long for a high quality fabric, the Pulaski Swivel Glider is easy to clean, durable and consists of premium fabric which is soft at the first touch. The plush padding makes it easy to kick back and relax and fulfills the contemporary furnishings.

In conclusion, the Pulaski Swivel Glider Recliner is not as bulky, easy to put together, great in price and fits in a wide selection of rooms. Pulaski takes pride in their products and ranks among the best recliner brands such as Lane and Catnapper.

What To Look For Before Purchasing A Swivel Recliner

Manual or Power Operation?

You have a choice between a power operated swivel chair and a manual one. Manual recliners use a lever release combined with your body weight to move into a position whereas a series of motors operate a power recliner.

In most cases, a power recliner is preferred by people with physical disabilities who need help to get into to a sitting position. Some models will even allow the head and footrest to be placed separately. They are more expensive that manual recliners and they will need constant maintenance to keep the motors working well.


Leather upholstery is almost unmatchable in quality and durability. Yes, it will cost way more than leather substitutes, but it outweighs them in so many ways. Leather is easy to clean too. You will also have an impressive selection of colors to choose from.

You can go for blends such as wool/synthetic, which is easy to clean and durable. Microfiber is not only comfortable but also great if you do not mind the water-repellent and anti-stain chemicals. You may need to factor in pets, if you have any. Polyurethane foam completes the setting for your upholstery.


Size will largely depend on the available space. If you have a large room, then you can go for a recliner with an oversized backrest and arms. However, cozy spaces will call for chairs with a small footprint. A recliner with minimal clearance when fully opened is ideal for condos and apartments.

Recliner Frames

Beyond the beautiful upholstery and boisterous backrests is the frame that holds your weight. This is far more important than any outer decorative aspect. Since the frame absorbs the weight from all moving parts of the seat, it needs to be made of hardwood and steel.

Maple wood, birch, and beech wood are some of the material that makes up a frame that will endure for years. The bolts and screws should be sturdy too.

Foot Rest

It is not a recliner chair unless it has the accessories for it. A footrest should be noiseless, smooth in its operations, and cushioned for maximum support. It will either fold out when you apply pressure to the seat, or the recliner will have a lever on the side to manipulate the footrest. Higher-end chairs have an electric-operated footrest that works at the flicker of a button.

Remote Controls

High-end brands take it a notch higher and include a keyboard-style pad for you to manage the settings without working too hard. At the touch of a button, you could activate the massage option, ranging from mild to intensive. Likewise, you could adjust the height of your recliner, the sitting angle, the footrest, and a lot of other options.

Rock and Glide

Some recliners are designed to be stationary, while others are rockers and gliders. Typically, rockers are more popular with nursing mothers, but anyone else can use them too. This type of recliner will rock, rotate at 360 degrees (if you like) and glide.

The design will be slightly different, as it will have a curve to accommodate all that movement. Rocking recliners are usually more expensive than their stationary counterparts.

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