Buyer's Guide: The Best Power Lift Recliners

How easy would it be to use a recliner that doesn't require manual lifting? This would mean that your elderly family member or friend won’t have to worry about pulling their arm out or not having enough strength – as morbid or odd as that sounds. Those who want a recliner to relax, especially when there are medical issues present, are going to be able to do so with ease in the best power lift recliners. In this article, we’ll discuss the other benefits of purchasing a power lift recliner, factors you should consider before purchasing said power lift recliners, as well as tips on how to choose the best power lift recliners for your needs.

The Benefits of Buying Power Lift Recliners

One of the primary benefits (and differences) between a power lift recliner and a recliner that is manual is that you just press a button on the power lift recliner, and you’re able to recline with ease. You don’t have to worry about being tall enough to pull the lever, or strong enough, and you can reduce the risk of injury in said recliner. It’s no secret that many people who use recliners often have medical issues, as it’s an easy method of sitting and watching television without harming themselves.

Health Benefits

Beyond this, there are added bonuses of using a recliner daily, and some of these include the ability to encourage proper blood circulation as you elevate your feet. In doing so, you can reduce the risk of other ailments, too. While using a recliner, those with edema in their ankles, knees, or legs in general can see a reduction in this edema, as they aren’t sitting with their legs down to encourage fluid puddling. This may not sound pleasant, but it's a very real reality that many people face – which is why doctors encourage the elevation of feet and legs. Having a recliner to do that ensures you won't accidentally harm your body while you do daily tasks like reading or watch television. Without further ado, here are the 5 Best Power Lift Recliners:

Top 5 Power Lift Recliners




Star Rating



Power Lift Wall Hugger Armchair Recliner


Coaster Home Furnishings

600398 Power Lift Recliner

Fabric (Textured Chenille)

Mega Motion

Easy Comfort Recliner LC-200 - 3 Position Electric Lounger


Divano Roma Furniture

Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner

Bonded Leather

Action Club

Deluxe Wall Hugger Power Lift Massage Recliner (with wheels)

PU Leather

The Best Power Lift Recliners Reviews

Power Lift Recliner Armchair, Hugger Lounger Seat

Manufactured by DFM, the aforementioned Hugger lounge seat is one that not only reclines backward, but forwards as well. If you want to learn more, check out the specifications below:

  • Extra layers of padding
  • Massage capabilities
  • Forward and backward reclining
  • One motor chair
  • Easy assembly

The Breakdown of the Features

With easy assembly for a great price, this black leather lounger power recliner comes in black and brown. It features one motor that reclines upwards of 135 degrees total. The back and the footrest of this motorized recliner work together to provide a cohesive and comfortable experience. The architecture of this chair features a wooden frame that’s solid, comfortable, with extra padding underneath the leather. There are also massaging features that relax the knots and aches in your body.

The Advantages of the Product

For the price, you really can’t beat the fact that it’s composed of leather and that it has massage features. One bonus we love is that you’re able to enjoy a power reclining chair for the price of one that doesn’t feature power reclining motorized options. Lastly, customers have praised this recliner for nursery usage and the width and height of the recliner as it can adjust for people tall as 6'3.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages, as this recliner features a pretty standard design. However, if you’re anti-leather or the feeling of leather, you may not want this chair, as there’s no getting around the upholstery (unless you purchase a different chair entirely!)

Coaster Home Furnishings, Power Lifter Recliner (Charcoal, Brown & Red)

Next on our list is a comfortable power lift recliner manufactured by Coaster Home Furnishings. Providing a great amount of comfort and padding, other features include the following:

  • Charcoal fabric color
  • 5-years mechanism warranty
  • Upholstered in Chenille
  • Power lift capabilities

The Breakdown of the Features

Equipped with a 5-year mechanism warranty and a motor for power lift-reclining, you're going to love the texture and feel of this charcoal colored Chenille power lift recliner. Both the lift and the recline are powered for those interested, and you won't have to hurt yourself trying to use this recliner properly.

The Advantages of the Product

One of our favorite features of this power recliner (besides the motorized aspect), is that it uses the fabric Chenille. The charcoal color Chenille is able to blend seamlessly with any home décor, although other colors are offered for those who want to make a statement with their furniture (red, brown, and white). Another one of our favorites is that it comes with a mechanism warranty that doesn't expire for 5-years. If you are afraid to take the plunge, you can feel at ease with this warranty! 

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you’re looking for something that does have a massage feature, you may want to look elsewhere, as this power recliner is pretty basic. Although the price reflects that, those who want to spend the bare minimum will enjoy the basic comfort that this recliner provides.

Motion Lift Chair Power Recliner

Manufactured by Mega Motion, this simplistic tufted power lift recliner is not only extremely comfortable, but great for those with back issues that need a specific arm chair. Features of the aforementioned include:

  • Three positions, all using electrically motorized workings
  • Lift capacity is 329 lbs.
  • Integrated battery included for emergencies
  • Equipped with warranties

The Breakdown of the Features

Featuring specific warranties for each aspect of the chair and a maximum lift capacity of 329 lbs., almost anyone will be able to be comfortable and use this chair with ease. With three different positions that all use the motor for electric aspect, you’re going to feel surprised and luxurious using an advance non-manual power lift recliner.

The Advantages of the Product

The price may be a little higher than others we’ve mentioned. But, you can ease your mind with the abundance of warranties that are included with this purchase. There is a one year warranty for in-home servicing, 2-year warranty for parts for the product, and there’s even a LIFETIME warranty on the lifting mechanism of this power lift recliner – how could you pass that up? Furthermore, the recliners cushions, for your convenience, are zipped, allowing for easy replacement and adjustment. Beyond this, you’re going to receive a comfortable chair for a decent price.

The Disadvantages of the Product

We can’t say that there are too many disadvantages, but if you’re on a tight budget and are scared of splurging, just know that the warranties allow you to get it fixed if something were to happen – you’re covered!

Divano Roma Furniture - Plush Bonded Leather Power Lift Recliner

Gorgeous in appearance, attractive in price, and boasting a number of features, you’re going to want to have this within your office or your living room right away! Check out its best features below:

  • Ultra-plush power lift, effortless ride while sitting
  • Upholstered with durable bonded leather material + comfortable
  • Designed to fully recline
  • Silent, German-made motor

The Breakdown of the Features

Relaxing and reclining to watch television quietly while everyone else is asleep is something we all do. With the Divano Roma power lift recliner, you’re going to be able to do so with ease, as it comes equipped with a silent, German-made motor. Designed to fully recline and upholstered durably with comfortable bonded leather material, you don’t have to worry about the material breaking or ripping apart.

The Advantages of the Product

A chair isn’t truly a chair without being comfortable, is it? Although comfortable can lead to many different features, I think we can all agree that an ultra-plush reclining chair is something we don't want to give up. Composed of bonded leather material and being ultra-plush, you don’t have to worry about the chair feeling like wood or being too stiff for your liking. Lastly, this recliner does not compromise on aesthetics for performance. Many chairs on the market today get the job done, but do not provide the contemporary/modern appeal that this power lift recliner does.

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you’re not a fan of leather, and want a different color option, you’ll have to look somewhere else on the storefront of this brand, although we definitely think this minimalistic and comfortable chair has a place in everyone’s homes.

Action Club - Deluxe, Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner + Bonus Features!

Last on our list is a wall hugging power lift reclining chair that boasts a crazy number of features; some of which include the following:

  • Massage capabilities
  • Heating and vibrating features
  • 8 various massage points
  • Integrated power lift mechanism

The Breakdown of the Features

With the ability to focus on four areas of your body with eight different massage points, you’re able to relieve and relax your thighs, legs, thoracic and lumbar regions with no issues whatsoever. Beyond this, the integrated power lift mechanism is why you’re here! There are also vibrating and heating features for those who want to get extra cozy in this recliner.

The Advantages of the Product

The various luxury features that the aforementioned boasts are enough to sell it to us! With vibration / massage modes, along with heating capabilities on top of the power lift reclining, the price surely can’t be beat.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The price reflects the crazy number of features you receive, and if you don’t want all of these features, you can purchase another model for a lesser amount.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Power Lift Recliner

Before you jump in and purchase a power lift recliner, you should know that factors beforehand, so you’re prepared for having a recliner in your home. One of the more obvious factors you should consider is your space. Are you able to recline comfortably (regarding space, not actual comfortability)? This means that you have enough space between pieces of furniture, as well as enough space to recline away from the wall. For small spaces, you won’t be able to recline comfortably, and there will be much less room for others to navigate around.

Other factors to consider before you buy a power lift recliner include your budget, of course. It’s always worth mentioning that the value of a chair shouldn’t be placed on the monetary aspect, as there are plenty of affordable options that are incredible in performance. Always look at reviews, and what you’re receiving (and what to expect when purchasing). In knowing this information, you can gauge which is a better option for you.

Tips for Choosing the Best Power Recliner for Your Needs

The layout of your furniture may have to change in order to welcome a new piece into your home. This will help give you visualize what your home will look like after you add your new recliner. 

Next, you should determine the advancement of the recliner and practicality for the customer. Power lift recliners are generally used by the elderly and many of these chairs come with advance features. The features cause the price to increase but are not always used by the customer. It is important that you make sure the recliner you purchase is compatible with the person who will be using it. This will save you money and time.

The Final Verdict

We understand furniture shopping is both frustrating and equally as fun – depending on who you are! If you’re still overwhelmed in your journey, we highly suggest the Hugger Armchair leather lounge recliner. Attractive in appearance and in price, you’ll be getting everything you need without spending an arm and a leg.

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