Premium recliner brands continuously produce comfortable, appealing, and unique recliners. Coaster Home Furnishings is one of the best premium recliner and furniture brands on the market today. Home Furnishings is a part of a small group of recliner brands that have managed to maintain innovation through their designs and technological integrations. By creating an identity around diversity and innovation, Home Furnishings has separated themselves from 2nd tier brands and have begun pushing their creativity in new directions.

In our review guide, we will be looking at the Best Home Furnishings Recliners released to date. We will analyze their best features and provide an in-depth summary review of each recliner chair. Through this guide, readers will be able to compare the different recliners with ease and identify which chair suits their needs best. Each recliner is amazing in its own manner; nevertheless, customers should carefully assess the aesthetics and features of each chair to determine whether or not it is suited for its new environment. We will cover all of this information in our recliner reviews; however, before we jump into the analysis, we have put together the top 10 Home Furnishings Recliners list below!



Star Rating


Coaster 601743P Home Furnishings Power Recliner

Top Grain Leather Match

Coaster Glider & Ottoman


601813P Macpherson Motion Collection Power Glider Recliner

Cocoa Bean Top Grain Leather Match

 Home Furnishings 900210 Accent Chair and Ottoman

Vintage French Print Fabric

Coaster Power Lift Recliner

Chocolate Textured Velvet

Coaster 600267G Glider Recliner


Coaster 601713P Home Furnishings Power Recliner

Top Grain Leather Match

Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner

Brown Sugar Textured Velvet Fabric

In-Depth Reviews of Home Furnishings Recliners

Coaster 601743P Home Furnishings Power Recliner

The 601743P Power Recliner is one of the most modern Home Furnishings Recliners that is designed for living rooms, gaming rooms, and high-end theater rooms. It aesthetically fits great with modern sofas, chairs, and any contemporary furniture collection. Let’s take a look and its best features below.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Top Grain Leather Match
  • Has matching sofa collections for purchase
  • Touch control features
  • USB port
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Armrest storage space (great for books, remotes, snacks etc.)
  • 2 cup holders
  • Summary

    One of the best looking power recliners today provides customers will ample relaxation. The Home Furnishings 601743P Recliner is upholstered in beautifully padded leatherette that is both elegant and breathable. Furthermore, it complements the tufted back and contrasting stitching. The recliner also features 2 stainless-steel cup holders near the front of the armrest. Customers have stated that the padding is firm and provides great lumbar support for users with poor posture. One of the best features about the 601743P Recliner is that you can also purchase matching love seats and sofa to complete your living room furniture set. One downside that users reported was that this recliner is not great for tall people. Individuals that were taller than 6’3 stated that their legs would hang off the recliners end.

    Coaster Glider with Ottoman in Bone Finish

    Customers that shop for futuristic comfort chairs usually end their search with the Furnishings Coaster Glider. One major difference between the Coaster Glider and other chair selections is the infinite number of positions that the Coaster Glider provides. Users are able to adjust their seating to fit very specific recline positions and position their legs accordingly. Let’s examine its best features below.

  • Ottoman included
  • Casual style
  • Futuristic aesthetic appeal
  • Attached back
  • Sleek pillow arm
  • Top padded frame
  • Round base containing glider function
  • Exterior handle
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable place position lock-in
  • Summary

    The Coaster Glider is an example of durable furniture. Its sustainability and structural holding demonstrate that Furnishings Recliners are made with quality materials and are reliable products. Customers shop for sustainable furniture and modern functionality that keep up with the market. Home Furnishings Coaster Glider has the contemporary aesthetic appeal and updated features. It displays an attached back and modern pillow arms that boast its sleekness. Furthermore, the top padded frame adds additional comfort and a unique round base holds the gliding function. It also features a convenient exterior handle and a 360-degree swivel for complete movement. The ottoman matches the aesthetic of the recliner and functions great when utilizing the adjustable position lock.

    Coaster Home Furnishings 601813P Macpherson Motion Collection Power Glider Recliner

    One of the best Home Furnishings Recliners, the Motion Collection Power Glider Recliner, boasts an elegant aesthetic and efficient operating system. Viewed as an adaptable piece of furniture, the 601813PGlider Recliner is best known for its sophisticated design. Customers love its best rated leather, premium glider motion, and cushion comfort. Let’s examine its best features below!

  • Double back cushion design
  • Upholstered in top grain leather match
  • Coco bean upholstery
  • Power button
  • USB port
  • Full foam armrests
  • Scoop seating
  • Clean lines
  • Contemporary design
  • Summary

    The Macpherson Motion Collection Power Glider Recliner is one of the best genuine Home Furnishings Recliners. It features an extremely comfortable double back cushion design that creates additional support. It is upholstered in beautiful cocoa bean top grain leather match adding sophistication and modern class. A convenient power button is included as well as a USB port for all charging needs. The full foam armrests provide the best support Home Furnishings recliners produce and the scoop seating creates a cozy cradling touch. Finally, the contemporary design is amplified with some of the best clean lines on the market. And the recliners durability is sustained through extra padding throughout its build.

    900210 Accent Chair and Ottoman in Vintage French Print Fabric

    Our next recliner is one of the most unique recliners that Coaster Home Furnishings has released. With one of their most distinctive recliners, Home Furnishings focused on an entire body pattern and ottoman. It is difficult to find stylish medium sized recliners for different spaces, however, Home Furnishings fashionable design allows it to be utilized in a business room or living room. Let’s examine this recliners special design below!

  • Accent chair with matching ottoman
  • Body covered pattern
  • High recliner arms
  • Deep seating
  • Tall curved back
  • French design print
  • Stylish contemporary presentation
  • Summary

    Home Furnishings Accent Chair and Ottoman are every home décor enthusiasts dream. The recliners features boast simplicity, elegance, and creativity through the entire chair. Customers will marvel over the accent recliners high arms and the deep seating that provides strong back structure. Many rocker recliners and glider recliners provide contemporary style but do not have the pattern design that accompanies Home Furnishings Accent Recliner. The recliners tall curved back adds to its modern presentation and French body covered pattern allows for multi room usage. One of the recliners best features is the price point and deal that customers are receiving. Many fashionable recliners tend to have extremely high price points, but users will be extremely happy with the generous pricing. Overall, Home Furnishings recliners have always been stylish and they continue this trend with their latest French Accent Recliner Chair.

    Coaster Power Lift Recliner

    The first power lift recliner on our Home Furnishings recliners list is an impressive chocolate colored chair. With an extra soft texture and easy operation, the Coaster Power Lift Recliner works to completely relax users. Home Furnishings focused on stressless reclining and comfort with the elevated power lift component while maintaining a fashionable appearance. Let’s examine this power lift recliners best features!

  • Attached back
  • Thick pillow arms
  • Casual style
  • Velvet chocolate texture
  • Thick channeled back (with neck support)
  • Chaise cushion
  • Biscuit channeled pad
  • Power lift operation
  • Convenient remote control for operation 
  • Battery back-up pack
  • Side pouch for remote control storage
  • Summary

    Home Furnishings focused on softness and relaxation by upholstering this recliner with chocolate velvety texture fabric. They also included an extra padded headrest and back that provides additional comfort and support. Furthermore, with this lift recliner, you can easily stand up without straining your knees or back. The remote control is simple to use and can be placed in the small side pocket pouch for ease and convenience. Designers would enjoy the casual style of the recliner and its convenience for individuals with limited mobility. The recliners power motion extends your legs with an easy delicate motion. While you relax in a reclined position, you will be supported by the comfort of a thick pillow headrest, thick pillow arms, and bustle back. Finally, Home Furnishings design allows this recliner to be placed in a stylish living room for reading or contemporary sofa seating collections.

    600267G Glider Recliner in Sage Microfiber

    Our next recliner is one of the best traditional and contemporary combination recliners that Home Furnishings has to offer. Traditional furniture and recliners tend to have simple layouts and modest lines which express their style. The 600267G Glider Recliner has both those traits but, Home Furnishings has implemented features into the structure of recliner to modernize its functions. Let’s examine its best features below!

  • Tradition and Contemporary style combination
  • Soft Microfiber upholstery
  • Plush pillow arms
  • Relax pillow arms
  • Tufted back
  • Broad pillow back
  • Durable construction
  • Solid fabric pattern
  • Recessed external handle
  • Summary

    Introduce traditional casual style and unrivaled comfort with one of the best traditional glider recliners. Upholstered in durable microfiber demonstrates the softness and style that accompanies this Home Furnishings recliner. It features a recessed external handle that delivers convenient open and closing of the reclining mechanism without disturbing the complete style of the recliner. To deliver increased lumbar support, Home Furnishings included a broad pillow back and plush pillow arms for ample relaxation. A beautifully wrapped chaise ascends to lift up your feet and legs, while the chairs reclining features provide customers with complete body support. Overall, Home Furnishings furniture has done an excellent job integrating some of the best recliner features with the best traditional furniture aesthetics.

    601713P Home Furnishings Power Recliner

    The Coaster 601713P is one of the best recliners from the Zimmerman Collection. Home Furnishings focused on creating the best medium sized recliner for day-to-day function. This power chair is smooth in operation and has detailed lines and construction. Users will be happy Home Furnishings focus on aesthetics and durability for years to come. Let’s examine the recliners best features below.

    • Power recliner
    • Spring base construction
    • Solid wood frame
    • Top grain leather match upholstery
    • Padded plush arms
    • Padded headrest
    • Push power button
    • Automatic recline
    • Scoop seating
    • Chaise style seating
    • Contrast stitch detailing
    • Perforated back
    • USB port


    The Furnishings 601713P recliner is packed with features and will comfort you for hours. It is upholstered in top grain leather match and features padded plush arms and a padded headrest. Furthermore, it is designed with sleek low profile arms and scoop seating to keep the modern style clean and simple. The power button creates an easy-to-use recline mechanism and the chaise style seating makes it comfortable to lounge for long periods of time. The automatic recline will lift your feet up and recline your head back to provide one of the best reclining experiences. With perforated seating and back surfaces, Home Furnishings transformed the recliners surface for improved airflow. Finally, the recliner features some of the best contrast stitch detailing, which ultimately ties the entire chair together.

    Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner

    The next recliner customers should shop for is one of Home Furnishings Best Power Lift Recliners! It has great reviews, simple design, and compliments different sofa, recliner, or chair collections. What customers love about Home Furnishings products is that they are diverse in their aesthetic but, consistent with their functionality. Let’s look at the best features of the Casual Power Lift Recliner below!

  • Upholstered in textured brown sugar velvet fabric
  • Completely comfortable and casual
  • Designed to produce superior recline comfort
  • Automotive bustle back style
  • Thick pillow arms
  • Power lift function
  • Remote control
  • Sewn in pocket
  • Summary

    The Home Furnishings medium sized recliner is beautifully upholstered in textured brown sugar velvet fabric. One of the premiere cozy recliners, it features as a plush recliner that has thick pillow arms and an automotive bustle back style. Reviews describe a great piece of furniture with an amazing lift function that reduces strain on your knees and back. The recliners remote control makes reclining an easy function and the sewn in pocket provides a safe holding spot. Customers reported positive feedback for the recliners functionality and soft chenille like material. Lastly, Home Furnishings designed their medium sized Power Lift Recliner for diverse functionality as it works great for elderly folk and as a casual piece of furniture for your living room.

    Final Thoughts​​​​​

    Home Furnishings simply has some of the best recliners on the market. It has the best features, best construction, best durability, and best presentation of unique recliners. Through our reviews, we hope that you were able to choose a recliner chair that fits your needs. Each recliner has some of the best features available that make it great. Home Furnishings focused on quality and comfort to ensure that customers received the best products. Although every recliner they make is not perfect, the recliners we reviewed are some of their best products. When you shop for Home Furnishings recliners and furniture, you will be confident that you are buying the best constructed products. Happy shopping!

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