How many times have you fallen asleep in front of the television? How many times have you fallen asleep and woke up because you weren’t comfortable? That is because your body’s position, lumbar support, and comfort were not being met. Well, you won’t have to worry about that once you purchase one of the best recliners for sleeping. Recliners present a great alternative to people who have trouble falling asleep in their beds. By providing extra cushioning padding and ergonomic design, sleepers will be able to adjust their bodies easily.

In our review, we will be analyzing 7 of the best recliners for sleeping to solve your sleepless woes. We review recliners from different price ranges, features, and upholstery. Our goal is to make it easier for you to shop, and focus on quality over quantity. We came across many recliners that could be used for sleeping, but their quality was not up to standard. Furthermore, we discuss if sleeping in a recliner is unhealthy, sleeping in a recliner vs. bed and the benefits of sleeping in recliners. However, before we do that, we organized the best recliners for sleeping into an easy table. Take a look below at the top 7 recliners to help you fall asleep!




Star Rating



5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair

Cabo Havanna Fabric


Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

High Grade Bonded Leather


Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner

Campaign Praline Fabric


Wall Hugger Biscuit Back Recliner



Blake Brown Fabric Glider Recliner Club Chair


Is Sleeping in a Recliner Unhealthy?

Many individuals have trouble falling asleep in traditional beds and rely on recliners to fall asleep. Although this is not a permanent solution, utilizing recliner chairs to get some sleep is a great option. But then again, is sleeping in a recliner unhealthy for you? The short and long answers are both, no. As long as you can find a comfortable position and have adequate back support then it is completely safe. In fact, doctors often recommend sleeping in a recliner to their patients if they are having trouble falling asleep.

It is important to remember that during sleep the pressure on your spine is decreased and fluids flow back to the discs in your back. This is accomplished by putting your body in a horizontal position, attempting to reduce effects of standing and sitting. Therefore, sleeping in a recliner in the upright position is not healthy. But, if you recline your recliner and fall asleep with your feet elevated then it is beneficial. It is all about the manner in which you fall asleep in your recliner.

Sleeping in a Recliner vs. Bed

The reason people turn to recliners to fix their sleeping habits is because their beds are not working. Sometimes it’s the stiffness of their mattress and other times it’s increased lower back pain. Sleeping in a bed is not better than sleeping in a recliner, and vice versa. It is all about preference and maintaining comfort which leads to a good night’s sleep.

Recliners raise your legs and allow your body to lay back with increased lumbar support. This means that back sleepers tend to find recliners provide them increased comfort. Individuals who have breathing issues will also enjoy recliners because they open the airway and elevate the head. On the other hand, stomach sleepers would find beds more comfortable because of the available space. This allows them sufficient room to find the most comfortable position to fall asleep.

Sleeping in a Recliner Benefits

The construction and functionality of recliners provide several benefits to sleepers. They improve sleeping patterns and improve health issues that increase day-to-day functioning. Let’s look at the best benefits from sleeping in a recliner chair.



It is a common occurrence that a pregnant woman finds her bed uncomfortable. This is especially true as a woman gets closer to her due date. Sleeping in a recliner allows women to fall asleep easier and maintain comfort throughout the night.


Acid Reflux

Often referred to as “GERD”, the condition causes stomach acid to rise up into the esophagus. This can be uncomfortable, painful and is triggered by the weakening of the sphincter muscle. However, remaining elevated through your sleep in a recliner forces the acids to remain in your stomach. This significantly helps to reduce any uncomfortable feelings.


Heart Bypass Patients

Patients that have had recent operations cannot sleep on their sides for several weeks. Sleeping in a recliner allows them to obtain a restful night of sleep, without pain.


Sleep Apnea

This refers to breathing disruptions during your sleep. It is primarily caused by a lack of oxygen and results in difficulty maintaining consistent sleep. The pauses in breathing eventually lead to shallow breathing. When you sleep in a recliner it keeps your body upright, and the tissues in your throat are unable to put pressure on the breathing passages.


Reducing Back Pain

This can be due to muscle, sensory or nerve issues that persist. Often is the case when the patient does not have structural problems. Furthermore, patients suffering from spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis are advised by doctors to sleep in a recliner. This is because recliners have the ability to ease muscles and provide increased lumbar support.

Best Recliners for Sleeping Review

Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair

General recliners are great when you fall asleep watching a movie or reading your favorite book. But, not many recliners are designed specifically to solve your sleeping problems. With the Med Lift 5555 Sleeper, you will get a recliner that was created to help you sleep better. Let’s examine the features of one of the best recliners for sleeping below!


  • Designed for Sleeping
  • Wide height range (5’5 to 6’4)
  • Weight capacity of 375lbs
  • 4-year warranty on components
  • Lifetime lift mechanism warranty
  • Electric motor
  • Padded footrest (top to bottom comfort)
  • Side storage for newspapers, remote control or magazines
  • Backup battery

What we LOVE about this Recliner:

There are many great things about this recliner, but our favorite is the comfort. The seating provides excellent cushioning, but you will not sink in at the same time. That is the perfect combination for people struggling to fall asleep. The hand held remote allows you to re-adjust the back and foot rest independent of one another. Additionally, the chair features two Okin motors that are extremely quiet. On the side pockets, you will find storage for books or magazines and you will receive a backup battery in case of failure. The upholstery is styled with pill top arms, chaise padded footrest and a biscuit style back. The easy functioning remote allows users to gently raise and recline their chairs without difficulty. Lastly, the fiber used in constructing the backs is non-allergenic, odorless and dustless fiber. It also meets the UFAC and CAL requirements of safety.

What Could Be Better:

We found this recliner to be the perfect chair for those struggling with sleep. The only issues customers reported was longer delivery time than stated.

Cozzia Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

The Cozzia Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner has made our list once again! It is not a surprise because of the comfort and back support that this recliner provides. Let’s look at the features that make it one of the best recliners for sleeping!


  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Independent operation footrest and backrest
  • Massage Vibrations
  • Heat Therapy
  • Bonded Leather
  • Power operated

What we LOVE about this Recliner:

The best feature of the Power Recliner is the zero gravity recline. This puts your body in a total state of weightlessness by distributing weight evenly. Paired with massage and heat therapy vibrations, Cozzia created a recliner that focuses on muscle relaxation. It is constructed of a Beechwood solid base and bonded (high grade) leather. The control station consists of easy touch buttons that allow you to control every part of the recliner. Individuals struggling with back pain, muscle, and joint aches will find sleeping in the Cozzia profoundly soothing. Finally, Cozzia provides customers with premium customer quality. Customers have reported being thoroughly impressed with Cozzia communication and assistance during any difficulties. It is easy to see why the Cozzia is one of the best recliners for sleeping!

What Could Be Better:

Users have stated disappointment in eliminating back pain. Customers should NOT look to the Cozzia to fix any structural damage in their backs. This recliner is designed to sooth and relieve pain but is not a permanent solution. If you have structural damage, please consult your health care provider. Lastly, there are only 3 color options to choose from (black, white and gray).

Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wall Saver Recliner

The Comfort King Chaise Recliner is one of the best recliners for sleeping that can create a perfect cocoon for super comfort. It features length, width, and sustainability all in one supreme package. Let’s examine what makes this chair so great!


  • Wide seat for large folks
  • Tall/Long back for taller individuals
  • Full recline position (equivalent of king size length)
  • USA produced!
  • Drop in coil
  • Attached back cushions
  • Secure seat
  • Rolled curved arms for style and comfort
  • Deep padding and comfort seating

What we LOVE about this Recliner:

The Stallion Comfort King Recliner has several excellent qualities but, our favorite is the size and padding. It can hold over 500lbs and has an extremely long back that supports the upper regions of taller individuals. Additionally, the full lay-flat recline features extend to the size of a king sized mattress! This allows for optimal space and comfort when falling asleep. The great thing about this recliner is that it works well for smaller and bigger individuals. You get great support as a taller individual and can curl up and fall asleep as a smaller person. The King Recliner is constructed with stylish and comfortable rolled arms that curved to optimize for comfort. To finish, the padding is designed to focus on high tension areas. Lane has made sure that those high tension areas are securely padded and able to assist in reducing pains and aches.

What Could Be Better:

This recliner chair is extremely heavy. It requires strong individuals to move and put in place. Lastly, the footrest has a higher elevation than normal. Some individuals enjoy this and others do not.

ProLounger Wall Hugger Biscuit Back Recliner

The ProLounger Biscuit Back Recliner is a recliner that provides comfort and is aesthetically pleasing to look at. It brings comfort and clean design together in an extra padded recliner chair designed for soft touch. Let’s view its best features below!


  • Wall hugger recliner with only 4” clearance
  • Reduced floor usage during recline
  • High-density foam cushions
  • Independent pocket wrapped spring coil system
  • Eco-friendly
  • Limited fossil fuel components
  • Reach open handle
  • 300lbs weight capacity

What we LOVE about this Recliner:

When you look for the best recliners for sleeping, you need to focus on important factors such as comfort, size, upholstery quality and reclining. We loved the design and comfort for this style recliner. Made from microfiber and high-density foam cushions, the Biscuit Back Chair is constructed with softer materials. It needs only four inches of clearance to recline and limits the amount of space it takes up. It is made of a hardwood frame that ensures that stability is maintained at all times. Lastly, the chaise padding in-between the chair and increased leg support allow you to fall asleep without aching legs. Through our analysis, it became clear why the ProLounger was one of the best recliners for sleeping.

What Could Be Better:

The seat on the ProLounger is smaller than expected. This is due to the additional padding that is installed to increase comfort.

Blake Brown Fabric Glider Recliner Club Chair

The Blake Brown Chair is simple in design but excellent in construction. The dimensions of the chair make it great for small, medium or large rooms. Let’s see what makes the Blake Club Chair one of the best recliners for sleeping.


  • Chocolate color fabric
  • Dual function operation
  • Elevation and recline in one motion
  • Firm seat and arm padding
  • Aesthetically appealing (simple but clean)
  • Easy assembly

What we LOVE about this Recliner:

Recliners that are able to perform and look good are hard to come by. However, with the Blake Club Chair, we get the best of both. It provides ample cushioning and support leading to many nights of undisturbed sleeping. It is able to nearly full recline and can easily hold someone who is over 6’ feet tall. Furthermore, we loved the diversity that the Blake Chair provides in regards to room themes. It can find perfection in your apartment design and work amazingly with an active themed living room. Finally, our favorite part was the padding on the back and sides of the chair. It provides excellent support and was tremendously plush and cushy.

What Could Be Better:

Some consumers reported difficulty closing the recliner. Some customers reported that they were easily able to push the footrest back down, while others stated they had to stand up to close it. We do not consider this to be a major flaw.


Finding the best recliners for sleeping was difficult. Many recliners come across as acceptable options, but upon further review, they clearly are not. They lack the quality, structure, and comfort to be a part of the 5 best recliners for sleeping. Each chair on our list provides ample support and we believe there the options range for a wide demographic. Our goal was to focus on complete comfort and support during sleep. Individuals that struggle to find the “perfect spot” are constantly in a state of discomfort. Each chair on our list helps sleepers find that perfect spot. These are some of the best recliners for sleeping and we hope that one of these chairs will rid you of your sleepless nights.

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