Do you want to shop for your home space or add a bit of coziness with a new piece of furniture to your living room? One of the best brands, Barcalounger, provides recliners and chairs that can do just that. Adding coziness while taking advantage of affordable prices, store-like deals, free shipping and top quality poses a number of benefits. We will discuss some of those below and tips on how to choose the best Barcalounger recliner for your needs. Customers should critically consider these factors before investing in a Barcalounger recliner.

Before we jump into the Barcalounger recliner reviews, we need to give you an understanding of Barcalounger. What does Barcalounger bring to the table? Well, their products are a mix between vintage and modern recliners and chairs. Furthermore, they have unique products such as the Stratford, Briarwood, Avery and Longhorn vintages. Why Barcalounger? Two words, trusted brand. The trust that Barcalounger continues as an independent product brand demonstrates their quality. From shipping deals to furniture that people to love shop for. Take a look below!

Best 8 Barcalounger Recliners!



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Barcalounger Presidential II Chair Recliner

Top Grain Leather

Barcalounger Charleston Recliner - Chocolate

Top Grain Leather

Barcalounger Briarwood II Recliner - Stetson Coffee

Top Grain Leather

Barcalounger Churchill II Power Recliner

Top Grain Leather

Barcalounger Jacque II Recliner & Ottoman - Ivory or Black

Top Grain Leather

Barcalounger Apex II Recliner

Mink Fabric

Barcalounger Longhorn II Recliner - Espresso Wood Legs

Top Grain Leather

Benefits of Buying a Barcalounger Recliner

People always talk about Barcalounger recliners or chairs, and place the brand on a pedestal, and rightfully so. Barcalounger recliners show the best reviews, products, customer service and assortment of power, rocker and standard recliners. A Barcalounger is a type of recliner that was created by the Barcalo Manufacturing Company in New York. Because of the wide success of said recliners or “loungers”, the company eventually ended up becoming the trusted Barcalounger Company.

Traditionally, you may think of a recliner as a piece of furniture for your living room. More notably, your grandparents chair that you remember from when you were little. However, they are typically less frumpy in appearance and have more space underneath (raised legs) this allows the Barcalounger to appear as if it doesn't take up a lot of space. The combination of vintage and modern creates chairs that you want to shop for. Barcalounger recliners continue to bring taste to living rooms and are a trusted brand for consumers.

Another benefit of using a Barcalounger recliner is that you can reduce health risks involving your spine and your general back area. The first risk that can be avoided, eliminated, or reduced is the muscle weakening. When you recline instead of standing straight up, your back doesn’t feel as much pressure (thanks, gravity), and you’re able to be a bit more comfortable. For those that have other back problems, you can release pressure on your back by reclining in a way that gets relieves the pressure on your lower back. For those that have chronic spine issues, or terrible scoliosis, you may want to invest in something as solid and durable as a Barcalounger recliner.

Tips to Know Before Investing in the Best Barcalounger Recliner

The most important tip is to have enough space in your living room and make sure your furniture (sofa, chairs etc.) fit in with your recliner. Always look at the dimensions of the recliner before it’s reclining, and the dimensions of the chair while it’s reclining to ensure movement space. This is important because it shows the relation to other pieces of furniture with the product and reviews the size. Failure to do so may result in a room that’s entirely too cramped, and a Barcalounger recliner that doesn’t fit at all when doing its most useful and most marketed feature: reclining.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Barcalounger Recliner

Before you run out and buy a Barcalounger recliner, you should first define your budget. Are you able to afford this style of recliner? You should also look at the general aesthetics of any one Barcalounger, especially one that you're interested in buying. You'll want to make sure it at least matches some of your décor in your home, to help tie it in with a simple piece.

Do you want a vintage or modern recliner? Barcalounger gives you great products and perfect chairs for your living room, but you need to know what you want. Vintage chairs work great with older style rooms and contemporary recliners work well with modern sofa set collections and vibrant colors. Think about this so you don’t have complaints once your chair has arrived.

Another thing you should consider before buying a recliner is that if you're able to recline safely due to health conditions. Did you just have a child? Surgery? Verify with your doctor beforehand to ensure that it's safe to recline for a specific period. This will ensure that the recliner/chair you decide will be right for you.

Now, let’s take a look at reviews of the best Barcalounger recliner on the market. Are you ready to shop, shop, shop?!

The Best Barcalounger Recliner Reviews

Presidential II Top Grain Leather Chair, Manual Recliner - Review

First on our list is the beautiful Presidential Barcalounger. If you’ve ever seen a tufted back on a leather chair in a movie that boasts regalness, you may want to take a look at this Presidential II Top Grain leather chair. Features include:

  • Nail head design
  • Rich leather and tufted back
  • High resilience seat foam
  • 23” seat depth

The Breakdown of the Features

This manual recliner features a tufted back, rich in leather, and a nail head design on the front of the chair. With a 23” seat depth, you can bask in the high resilience seat foam, and not have to worry about durability being an issue with materials or the construction.

The Advantages of the Product

The 23” seat depth is better for that want a compact recliner with rolled arms to provide coziness.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Those that are much taller, who don’t want their legs dangling, may not enjoy this chair.

Charleston Recliner, Chocolate - Review

Those that want something a little curvier and a little deeper toned in terms of color will love the Charleston recliner. Features of the aforementioned include:

  • Top grain upholstery that’s leather
  • Push-back recliner, wingback
  • Pine and plywood frame
  • Seat dimensions measure 21” width x 22” depth
  • Great recliner for sofa sets & loveseat collections

The Breakdown of the Features

If you’re looking for something that has an extra inch in depth in comparison to our last, you’ve found it here. The push-back recliner style with a wingback is not only comfortable, but aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t appear frumpy in material, either. The frame consists of plywood and pine framing for extra durability.

The Advantages of the Product

Those that are interested in a specific type of wood frame will love the durability and longevity boasts by this plywood and pine composition. The dimensions come in at 21” width and a 22” depth for those that want to be a bit more snug, without being totally taken over by a chair.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages, but for those that want to sink into a recliner and are a little larger in stature or in weight, you may need to find something with larger seat dimensions than those that are advertised above.

Briarwood II Recliner, Stetson Coffee - Review

Third on our list is a comfortable recliner that’s rich in color, and boasts a few features. Some of the aforementioned include the following:

  • Full top grain leather, 100% (High quality leather recliner)
  • Brass finish on the nail head trim
  • Traditional design
  • Seat depth of 21”
  • Excellent for vintage living rooms, sofa collections & chair furniture

The Breakdown of the Features

First on this breakdown of the luxurious Briarwood II lounger is the Barcalounger in the Stetson coffee shade. Feature gorgeous legs (espresso wood trim), and top grain leather for durability, there are a number of design elements that boast attractiveness, including the traditional nail head trim (in brass).

The Advantages of the Product

For those that need to be a bit snugger, the seat depth is 21", and 39.75" when reclined. Another advantage of this recliner is that you don't have to reach and use any arms in order to recline – you just gently push on the arms when you’re sitting in this chair. Furthermore, it will extend the life of your recliner.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Those that are larger or have longer legs will not enjoy the dimensions of this chair, as the chair depth makes it so that you push forward more. If you're of average size, a little larger, or below, you should be fine for the most part. The width may not be ideal for those with thicker thighs, as well. However, those that can fit within the measurements of this chair should have no problem feeling comfortable whatsoever.

Churchill II, Leather Art Burl Recliner - Review

Those that are interested in something on the richer end of the color spectrum will love the Churchill II Leather recliner. Features include:

  • Bolt mechanisms for frame durability
  • Delrin bushings for mechanisms
  • Warranties for manufacturing defects
  • Hardwood, plywood frames, mortise and tension construction
  • Vintage reading chair

The Breakdown of the Features

The aforementioned specifications boast durability in the construction, allowing those to comfortable recline with ease. The seat dimensions measure 21” in height x 20” in width x 20” in depth. There are various warranties cover a number of areas including the manufacturer’s defects, and part defects for one to three years. Composed of hardwood and plywood for the frames, there are also glued blocks within and features a tension and mortise construction. Also, there are Delrin bushings for optimal durability, along with bolt mechanisms.

The Advantages of the Product

Durability is key with reclining, as the constant or regular movement of joints need something that’s equally as strong. There are also a number of warranties for those customers nervous about investing money into products.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The only disadvantage is that those big and tall may have a bit more trouble feeling comfortable within the seat dimensions, as they are smaller than any we’ve mentioned so far.

Jacque II Leather Recliner, Ottoman Included - Review

If you’re looking for something more updated, and will allow those of tall and short stature to enjoy the same chair, continue reading. Specifications of the aforementioned include:

  • Ottoman and chair included, ivory appearance
  • 360-degree swivel, and recline
  • Top train leather
  • Rocker type feel
  • Modern and vintage combination pedestal gallery aesthetic

The Breakdown of the Features

Featuring a 360-degree swivel and recline aspect, we love that there’s an ottoman included for the main reclining aspect, allowing those of all body types to be catered to. Composed of ivory, top grain leather, durability is key here.

The Advantages of the Product

You don’t have to worry about the seat depth and recline aspect not being to your specific height dimensions, as the ottoman acts as the primary part of the recline aspect. In having this, there’s more versatility for all body types.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Those who don’t want an ottoman to push out and pull in may want to look for a traditional recliner.

Our Pick!

Now that you’ve seen a plethora of various Barcalounger recliners, you may be overwhelmed at which may suit your lifestyle best. If you’re looking to have something comfortable, but something that won’t cause you to fall asleep because of how large and encapsulating it is you may want to invest in the Barcalounger Briarwood II recliner. Coming Stetson Coffee, this gorgeous and simplistic piece of furniture delivers on comfortability, style, and reducing health risks. For more Barcalounger recliners check out: the Verona, Longhorn, Stratford and Meridian for great model collection sets, brand price and customer reviews.


In conclusion, Barcalounger furniture has stood the test of time. Their recliners have great leather components, reclining features & lounge styles. Furthermore, they produce the best reviews and customer satisfaction. The brand is put on a pedestal because they deliver high quality recliners and customers have little complaints. Whether it is rockers, swivels or gliders, Barcalounger reads consumer needs and delivers results.

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