The Acme Arcadia Recliner has slowly risen as one of the most popular recliners for two main reasons. The two factors that Acme focused on were size and price. Acme has focused on those two reasons and made sure that consumers were aware of the purposeful design of this specific chair. In the world of recliners, the price is dependent on the recliners size, features and materials used. Acme used ideal materials, included practical functional features, and came up with one of the best price-points on the market.

So, you are probably wondering, what will I learn in this recliner review? Our goal is to provide valuable information regarding the features, function, and ideal users of the Acme Arcadia Recliner. However, with all recliners, we will still examine critical components such as arm padding, back padding, plush areas, and overall comfort. By the end of this recliner review, we hope that you will have a better understanding of the Acme Arcadia Recliner. More importantly, we hope to clearly identify ideal customers and eliminate those who this recliner would not be good for. To start off, let’s examine the best features that come with the 00632 Arcadia!

  • Hardwood Frames – The frame of a recliner determines its durability. The Acme Arcadia Recliner features tough hardwood frames and sturdy arm rests that do not lose structure. Consumers should be aware that constant transportation of hardwood frames can cause damage.
  • Microfiber Upholstery – Acme decided to go with chocolate microfiber upholstery that looks amazing. It looks clean and sleek and is easily cleanable. Furthermore, the upholstery is stain-resistant which gives consumers peace of mind in case of any accidents.
  • Side Knob – The recliner features two different functions for the recline component of the chair. The side knob allows you to lower the seat back, without releasing the footrest.
  • Pull Lever – As mentioned above, the side knob deals with the lowering of the seat back. On the other hand, the pull lever allows you to extend the footrest and lay back and recline.
  • Measurements – Height 40-inches, Width 35-inches, and 38 inches deep

Selecting furniture can be tricky. The biggest problem when picking out recliners, chairs, sofas, mattresses or any other type of furniture is not getting what you hoped for. Many consumers pick out pieces of furniture and are disappointed in their functionality or aesthetics. However, Arcadia is very clear about their Acme Recliner and its functionality as a piece of furniture.

One of the best things about the Arcadia Acme Chair is that it is perfect for small spaces. Many customers need small recliners because of living spaces being crowded or living in apartments. If you are looking for a small and affordable recliner then keep on reading. When discussing the structure, you are going to be getting a sturdy metal and wood frame that is covered in Oakwood Chocolate Microfiber. Not only is the chair small and price affordable, but it is also an extremely good looking recliner. It features a sleek design that does not have any lines running vertically on its upholstery. This reduces the “old recliner” look that many chairs develop after repeated use over time.

The seat consists of soft cushioning with pocket coil seating. This ensures that customers will have comfort and support without sinking completely sinking into their chairs. With a width of only 35 inches, Arcadia succeeded in structuring the arms, back, and seat in appropriate approximation to one-another. Finally, the reclining components of this chair feature a side knob that allows for lowering the seat back and a pull lever to extend the footrest.

Is this recliner a good choice for YOU?

When you shop for a recliner, you may absolutely love the one you come across. However, this chair might not be the best choice for you. The price may be too high, it isn’t the complete product, and shipping might cost more than expected or it might not suit the theme of your room. Whatever the reason maybe, it definitely exists with every recliner.

With the Arcadia 00632 Acme Recliner, the situation is no different. This recliner is great for small spaces, small individuals and those who have a set budget for buying their furniture. One of the best things about the Arcadia 00632 is that it is one of the most affordable chairs on the market. It is currently ranked among the top 5 most affordable recliners today.

On the other hand, this would not be an ideal option for larger individuals. If you are over 5’8 and 190 pounds then this chair is most likely going to feel small to you. Your feet will hang off the end and it will be extremely snug, if not uncomfortable when you are sitting. Furthermore, the Arcadia 00632 is low to the ground, and many people want their recliners to have certain elevation levels. The reason we bring this up is that we want our readers to purchase this recliner if it suits their needs.

Top 3 Customer Reviewed Perks

The number one feature that people loved about the Arcadia recliner was its snugness. Consumers were happy with the support from the back, arms and coil seating.


Although this is not an exact perk, customers loved the price of this recliner. Reviews stated that the price was one of the deciding factors in their final decision.


Customers were thrilled about the color of this chair. The Arcadia showed durability in its functionality and the color demonstrated sustainability. Users stated that the color of the recliner was better in person than it was in pictures.


Whether you shop for a glider, rocker, or zero-gravity recliner, you must know what quality you are getting with the product buy. With the Arcadia 00632 Acme Recliner, you are not receiving a top quality premium product. They do not make recliners that are high-class for prices this low. What you will receive when you buy this recliner is a space-saving recliner, aesthetically pleasing and snug comfort chair. Our goal was not to sell this recliner to every reader. It was to present the best features and the downsides of the Arcadia 00632 Acme Recliner and to help readers figure out if this recliner was right for them. We hope we were able to do that. Happy shopping!

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